MPAA's 2016 Theatrical Market Statistics Report showcases worldwide box office growth


The Motion Picture Association of America has released its Theatrical Market Statistics Report for 2016, and in it is some good news about the state of the global box office. Sales reached a record high last year, totaling $38.6 billion worldwide, a one percent increase from 2015. Numbers in the U.S. and Canada increased two percent, to $11.4 billion, while 14 of the 15 top international markets enjoyed box-office growth as well. A complicating wrinkle, explains MPAA VP of worldwide research Julia Jenks in a blog post, is that the study was tabulated using the U.S dollar as a baseline; since the U.S. dollar had a strong year relative to currencies like the Chinese yuan, the Mexican peso and the British pound, "some local box-office growth was reduced or even translated to a decline." Rest assured, when you look at local currency, "in virtually all of the world’s largest box office markets—including China, Japan, India, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico, among others—2016 was a positive year for box-office growth."

“In 2016, more young people and diverse populations went to the movies,” says MPAA chairman and CEO Christopher J. Dodd. “Audiences between the ages of 18 and 24 attended an average of 6.5 movies of the course of the year—more than any other age group. Per-capita attendance also increased among African-American and Asian/Other audiences… As the 2016 Theatrical Market Statistics Report confirms yet again, movies continue to play a vital role in our lives and our cultures. Around the world, storytelling—and the moviegoing experience that brings great stories to life—is very much alive as well."

You can read the entire 2016 report here.