4D cinema innovator MediaMation expands footprint in Asia

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Las Vegas—Riding a wave of enthusiasm for 4D cinema technology worldwide, interactive technology house MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) of Torrance, Calif., announced the recent inking of numerous domestic and international deals, marking tone of the busiest two quarters in the company’s 25-year history.

Topping off a flurry of sales activity, MMI reached an agreement with China’s Dadi Cinema Group for 15-20 MX4D®theatres to be installed in 2016. Dadi Cinema Group currently has 300 theatres with more than 15,000 screens and 180,000 seats.

MX4D is MediaMation’s uniquely branded 4D motion and special-effects (EFX) system. Generally speaking, 4D refers to the new “immersive” cinema technology that allows moviegoers to experience big “blockbuster” films as well in a new way via the addition of moving seats, air/water blasts, leg/neck ticklers, fog, seat/back pokers, seat rumblers, and other special effects that emanate from specially designed theatre seats, or from inside the theatre itself. These multiple EFX are programmed to sync with and enhance the action on the screen and sounds in the theatre for a more exciting and realistic moviegoing experience.

Below is a breakdown of MMI’s most recent sales by continent:

North America

National Amusements—Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph

Building upon the highly successful summer 2015 debut of its MediaMation MX4D Theatre in Revere, outside Boston, Mass., the major exhibitor is adding a second MX4D installation in May 2016 at Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph, also located in the Boston suburbs.

China—20 MX4D theatres installed in 13 Chinese cities, plus 15-20 newly announced

Numerous chains have adapted MMI’s technology, including Wanda Cinemas, Jinyi Cinemas, Luxin Cinemas, and Omnijoi Cinemas.  The Dadi Cinema Group deal will bring the total of new MX4D theatres in China to as many as 40 and counting.


Sony Business Solutions Corp.—Movie on Yamagata, Japan

Fueled by the huge popularity of MX4D in Japan, MMI’s exclusive Japanese distributor sold a 112-seat theatre to company Movie on Yamagata, with installation slated for Q2 2016.

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Distributorship—new install in Bangkok, Thailand

MMI recently signed Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. as an MX4D distributor in Thailand. The first such install under this banner will be a 120-seat theatre at SF Group’s flagship SF World Cinema Theatre at the prestigious Central World Shopping Complex in Bangkok.

Middle East

Grand Cinemas—Kuwait

Major chain Grand Cinemas has purchased a 92-seat MX4D theatre, shipping May 2016.

MISR International Films and Partners Shashat for Cinema—Cairo, Egypt

Also shipping May 2016 are two 80-seat MX4D theatres for MISR International to install at Americana Plaza Mall, Sheikh Zayed, and Point 90 Cinemas.