53% of worldwide gross for 'Jurassic Park' sequel comes from 3D sales

Cinemas News

Approximately 53% of all global ticket sales for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has come from the 3D format, with a significant portion of the business driven by RealD.

A majority of RealD’s screens have been playing the film in the 68 markets where the film began showtimes internationally two weeks ago. A massive $380 million has been generated by total 3D ticket sales and 28% of all 3D transactions have been purchased for RealD-equipped theatres, resulting in $105 million in RealD ticket sales.

“This is the kind of epic summer adventure film that is meant to be seen and experienced in RealD 3D and it is clear that moviegoers worldwide want to see these juggernauts with their 3D glasses on,” said Travis Reid, president of worldwide cinema and chief operating Officer at RealD. “Universal, Amblin and especially the stars and filmmakers did a fantastic job promoting this film and communicating that the 3D was an exceptional experience and that always makes a difference, especially with a film like this.”

Reid added, “With the worldwide success of recent films like Avengers: Infinity War, which crossed $800 million in 3D grosses worldwide, and earlier this year Ready Player One, audiences have shown that 3D is still an important entertainment upgrade and preference on the right tentpole titles when they go to the theatre. Universal has been a great supporter of 3D on the Jurassic Park franchise and we could not be more thrilled for the huge rewards they are reaping all around the world.”