Alamo Drafthouse to offer 'Crazy Rich Asians'-themed menu

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Alamo Drafthouse calls Warner Bros.’ Crazy Rich Asians, opening August 15, “one of the best food movies to come along in ages. Juicy dumplings, savory satay, bubbly champagne, and so much'll want to devour everything that appears onscreen.”

Participating Alamo Drafthouse locations will be offering a limited-time menu of Asian-inspired eats and luxe cocktails—and, for that truly “crazy rich” experience, a four-course “Crazy Rich Asians Feast” complete with drink pairings.

"Crazy Rich Asians has some of the best food scenes in recent film memory," says Alamo Drafthouse chef Brad Sorenson. "What's really fun is that we had the opportunity to not only create a specials menu but also an amazing coursed feast, both inspired by actual food in the film."

"For the feast, I coursed the menu to follow along with the movie. Avoiding spoilers, the meal starts with a shrimp-and-chicken satay marinated in chili. The second course is pork-and-ginger dumplings with a ginger-and-soy dipping sauce. To finish off the meal, there's a rice pudding made with lychee and green tea, followed by ginger cookies shaped like mahjong tiles. Each course is served at key moments during the film for maximum effect, and each is served with a drink pairing to complement the flavors.

"The specials menu features many of these same or similar items but available à la carte, so you can mix and match (or even double up) as you wish: satay of white-meat chicken roasted and served with green onions, pan-fried pork-and-ginger dumplings, and ginger shortbread cookies iced with matcha tea icing. Of course, all pair nicely with any of our ‘Crazy Rich’ cocktails."

"There's a wonderful scene in the film when Rachel and Nick first arrive in Singapore and they hit a market full of drool-worthy street food," says Alamo Drafthouse beverage director Bill Norris. "Singapore is known for having fabulous markets full of fresh produce and we wanted to highlight that alongside the lush tropical atmosphere in our cocktails for the film."