Barco brings compact digital projector to Chinese townships

Digital Cinema

Leading digital technology company Barco announced that over 100 units of its recently launched DP2K-6E projector have been shipped to Chinese customers. Introduced in July, the DP2K-6E is the smallest projector in the industry. Barco calls it “the perfect solution for China’s booming township theatre market.”

Currently, China’s diverse movie theatre market is experiencing rapid growth in third and fourth-tier cities, but also in smaller townships. Many of these smaller theatres are in urgent need of upgrades to 2K DCI-compliant projectors. Barco says its DP2K-6E addresses this particular need.

The DP2K-6E has a compact, motorized body and a modular design. At this year’s BIRTV2015 Awards, the projector won the “Outstanding Product Award.” The jury lauded the unit’s optical engine optimization, innovative cooling system, extreme brightness (the highest in its range), improved sealing, and lower operating noise (48 dB only). Also mentioned was the simple and flexible mounting system which enables easy installation.

The DP2K-6E features the same lens kit, electronics and filters as Barco's S-series projectors. This allows for easy sharing of components and reduced purchase costs.

"Many of our renovation projects are conducted in western rural areas, where 2K-enabled, small-sized and powerful digital-cinema projection is needed," says Yang Jianlin of China’s YunNan Golden Peacock cinema investment company. "This brand-new projector from Barco perfectly fits our needs, and more importantly, it's very cost-friendly."