Barco named Official Projection Technology Partner at CineEurope 2018

Technology and New Products

Barco, a global leader in cinema technology, has partnered with the Film Expo Group to become the Official Projection Technology Partner at CineEurope. All projection equipment in the CCIB Auditorium will be supplied by Barco, including the laser projectors for all studio product presentations and screenings.

“Having the opportunity to partner with a technology giant like Barco at CineEurope is very exciting for us. We are confident this continued partnership will help the development of cinematic technologies expand throughout the region,” said Andrew Sunshine, president of The Film Expo Group.

Welcoming today’s announcement, Laura Houlgatte-Abbott, CEO of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), said, “We are hugely grateful for this latest show of support for CineEurope by Barco. We look forward to continuing to work closely with colleagues from Barco, one of Europe’s leading cinema technology suppliers, on the show and more broadly.”

Barco has pioneered with numerous industry firsts ever since the early days of digital cinema, cementing its leadership in technology innovation. It has outfitted more than 100 all-laser multiplexes globally, with over 300 Flagship Laser and 4,500 Smart Laser projectors in the field.

And Barco is taking this one step further. Recognizing a paradigm shift in the marketplace, it has created a strategic partnership with leading global cinema innovators to transform cinema in this new era. This joint venture will bring fresh inspiration and brand-new service offerings to exhibitors, empowering all parties to embrace the top trends and deliver the future of cinema today.

“Barco is honored to be the exclusive projection technology partner at CineEurope. We are committed to bringing cutting-edge cinema technology and services that create exceptional experiences. We look forward to supporting the featured film screenings during CineEurope,” said Wim Buyens, CEO of The New Cinema Joint Venture.

CineEurope 2018 will take place June 11-14 at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain. CineEurope is the longest-running and most successful European convention and tradeshow for major, regional and independent cinema professionals. The official convention of UNIC, CineEurope will feature exclusive screenings and product presentations of upcoming films, sponsored events, informative seminars and a tradeshow.