B&B Theatres to roll out Cinema Intelligence at 50 locations

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Cinema Intelligence signed a partnership with B&B Theatres for the rollout of Cinema Intelligence to approximately 50 cinema locations.

Cinema Intelligence, a Vista Group company, provides a collection of business-intelligence solutions to increase exhibitor revenues by optimizing the forecasting, planning and scheduling of movies and events. As B&B is a Vista Cinema customer, the pre-built Vista integrations will enable the rapid deployment and use of the Cinema Intelligence suite.

“We were looking for software solutions that can incorporate data analysis and provide actionable insights into our business,” said Brock Bagby, VP of programming and business development at B&B Theatres. “We are thrilled to partner with Cinema Intelligence. We ran the numbers and believe the software provides an enormous opportunity to save time and money when it comes to scheduling movies. Our team is very excited.”

With the partnership with B&B, Cinema Intelligence is continuing its expansion in the U.S. market; the announcement follows its partnering with chains such as Celebration Cinema and Santikos Theatres.

“We’ve been focusing on our U.S. expansion ever since establishing our Los Angeles office in 2016 and we’re delighted to team up with one of the leading exhibitors in the U.S.,” said Claudiu Tanasescu, CEO of Cinema Intelligence. “B&B’s focus on centralizing showtimes will receive a significant boost with our solution. In a constantly evolving and challenging competitive landscape, theatres and studios alike are looking more and more towards data-driven solutions to improve not only box-office performance but operational efficiencies such as film booking, film scheduling, and staffing. As big data continues to play a larger part in decision-making in the cinema industry, data-intelligence business insights take on even greater significance.”