Christie 360 delivers projection mapping on facade of TCL Chinese

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Christie 360 Experiential Studios joined forces with the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA, to entertain visitors with a high-impact multimedia production using advanced projection technologies during the theatre’s 90th-anniversary celebration on May 22. The permanent show will appear nightly in the theatre's forecourt.

Designed by the Christie 360 team, the forecourt show was launched before an audience of Hollywood luminaries, local dignitaries and media. Visuals of “forecourt of stars” handprints, Chinese dragons and actual movie clips from memorable films that premiered at the Chinese Theatre emerged onto the theatre’s front entrance, which was digitally transformed into an architectural “screen.”

“TCL Chinese Theatre has always been a leader in delivering innovation in the cinema experience and we’ve upped the ante with this remarkable addition,” said Alwyn Hight Kushner, president and COO of TCL Chinese Theatres. “Over the next few years our plan is to continue our integration of experiential media as a complement to our core business. The Chinese Theatre is an important landmark in Hollywood and it is crucial to our team that our space stays relevant and continues to be a must-attend for our guests. Christie 360 has shown us a total commitment to our objectives and we are very pleased with the results.”

Added Denys Lavigne, VP of Christie 360, “The Chinese Theatre is such a fascinating environment. When you combine its rich Hollywood heritage, unique architectural signature and the visionary approach of the management team, you allow for so much opportunity to connect and share with the audience. And that is what Christie 360 is all about, helping our clients and partners fully leverage the experience potential of new digital media platforms for the benefit of their brand and their business. We feel very proud to be part of this fantastic adventure in the entertainment capital of the world. ”

The transformation from traditional bricks-and-mortar to a digital canvas was achieved through projection mapping, a technique that uses projected images, blended to fit perfectly onto irregularly shaped surfaces, to tell stories. The central motif of the show projected onto the Chinese Theatre façade is a Chinese pagoda enclosing a dragon in relief. The flipping, cascading tiles in the midst of the projection mapping show are realistic representations of the actual hand- and footprint tiles in the Chinese Theatre forecourt. Following the montage of movies that played at the Chinese, the theatre “crumbles” at the end of the show.   

The gear for the presentation consists of high-brightness projectors (mainly Christie Boxer 3DLP® projectors), processing “brains” (the Christie Pandoras Box media server) that merge all sorts of media and control the show, and intuitive auto-alignment tools (Christie Twist™) to blend the visuals.

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