Christie to display both laser and xenon options at ShowEast 2018

Technology and New Products

Christie will have projection and audio experts available throughout the course of ShowEast 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida, Oct. 22-25.

The Christie Cinema team will be on deck in booth 110 and in the Poinciana 2 meeting room, complete with the Christie CP2320-RGB projector from the Christie RealLaser™ family and a compact offering from the Christie Vive Audio family. In addition, Susie Beiersdorf, VP, cinema, for Christie Americas, will lead a presentation on Wednesday Oct. 24 on Christie’s expanding RealLaser product portfolio.

“The CP2320-RGB and its CP2315-RGB sibling, now shipping in volume globally, follow in the footsteps of the cinema industry’s first affordable RGB pure laser projector—the Christie CP4325-RGB,” said Dale Miller, Christie’s executive VP, cinema. “Visionary exhibitors worldwide are opting for RGB pure laser projection over other laser alternatives, witness [exhibitor] CGR most recently.”

A Christie CP2308 will be in use at the GDC booth at ShowEast, representative of the most-employed cinema projection technology worldwide—Xenon-lamp illumination—one that remains a competitive choice for exhibitors not yet ready to make the move to RGB pure laser projection.

“Lamp-based cinema-projection systems continue to drive the industry, with 99 percent market share for digital-cinema installations,” said Brian Claypool, Christie’s VP of product management, global cinema. “Christie led the digital-cinema revolution and there have never been more Xenon-based cinema projection devices than there are today, with more than 150,000 digital cinema projectors worldwide, all still delivering an attractive total cost of ownership. While we continue to sell and support these workhorses, Christie is laying a solid path to the future with its RealLaser illumination technology, which provides a clear advantage in both image quality and TCO for new installations and the replacement market.”