CineAsia 2015 showcases new products and technologies


The annual CineAsia trade show runs Dec. 8-10 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. FJI presents a selection of CineAsia vendors and their latest products.

Advanced Specialty Lighting (ShenZhen)

Advanced Specialty Lighting (ASL) Group, headquartered in Chicago with an Asia office in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, is one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of xenon short-arc lamps. In anticipation of the growing popularity of smaller hall sizes and the requirement of highly efficient light sources, ASL has developed a full series of new lamps for 800, 1,200, 1,800 and 2,200-watt strength for Barco, Christie, NEC and Sony projector applications. These lamps provide high brightness and reliability. Visit ASL at CineAsia booth 601. China contact:; Singapore contact:


Barco’s brand-new DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor cinema projector provides 18,000 lumens of brightness and combines consistent DCI-compliant image quality with outstanding uniformity. Thanks to its unique cooling, it boasts a long lifetime of 30,000 hours at 50% light output. Moreover, theatre owners can also retrofit their existing projectors, as the lamp house can be easily replaced by a laser-phosphor module. Freeing users from all lamp-related hassles and costs, both the new and retrofit projector allow for unprecedented cost savings and higher ease of mind. Barco offers exhibitors a future-proof and cost-effective way to boost their technology while providing superior image quality. See Barco’s new laser projector at CineAsia booth 301.  (

Beijing Jinhaoyuan Purification Technology Co.

The DLP filter department of Jinhaoyuan Purification offers a complete series for digital projectors, more than 10 varieties of best-selling brands including NEC, Barco, Sony, Sanyo, Epson, DP and Panasonic. And there are more than 40 category products. The company has produced qualified, economic replacement filters with great performance, exactly matching or exceeding the original parameters and quality. Learn more at booth 618. (

Beijing Quinette Greatwall Seats

Beijing Quinette Greatwall seats meet European standards and are exported to Europe as well as Asia. With different foam densities for the backrest and seat pan, they adapt to the contours of the human body. Flame retardance reaches B1 level and passes the BS 5852 test in Singapore. The interior materials and the adhesive reach E1 environmental protection level. Finally, the design of the embedded cupholder at the front of the Udine Armrest is elegant and fashionable. Visit Beijing Quinette at booth 614. (

CFG Appotronics Digital Cinema Technology Co.

ALPD®is the abbreviation for “advanced laser phosphor display,” a laser-pumped phosphor light source. This technology maximizes delivered lumens per watt and provides high spatial brightness. It offers seamless support to polarized 3D systems including high-gain silver screens.

CFG Appotronics’ ALPD laser technology has solved the longstanding laser-related speckle issue, which caused serious image quality degradation. ALPD laser technology offers a speckle-free, bright image with a cost-efficient, reliable and compact design. ALPD lasers have been installed in hundreds of cinemas and have performed flawlessly for one and a half years. Learn more at booth 509. (

ChangZhou Plusrite Specialty Lighting Co.

ChangZhou Plusrite’s PDXL-2200-B lamp offershigh brightness and longer life, Projector model: DP12-10Sx. Learn more at booth 515. (

China Film Digital Giant Screen

The latest generation of China Film Giant Screen is equipped with a new system core integrated seamlessly with projection systems, offering high data security, improved image quality and stability. It also supports the latest projection technologies including laser as an optional light source, High Frame Rate and 4K 3D presentations. Learn more at booth 507. (


The affordable Christie CP2208 Xenon lamp DCI projector is designed for screens of up to 10 meters wide and provides the highest level of onscreen performance, both for brightness and color accuracy. With the ability to display DCI, 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR), alternative and local content, this projector can operate a third-party Integrated Media Block (IMB) or the easy-to-operate Screen Management Software (SMS) with Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB-S2). Christie provides a comprehensive range of lamp and lens options that offers low cost of ownership, enabling cinema exhibitors to realize a faster return on investment. See the CP2208 projector at booth 201. (


Cinvolve’s unique Seat Occupation System (SOS) eliminates and prevents ticket fraud efficiently and transparently. Through an intelligent sensor in the seat, the SOS detects real-time seat occupancy, consolidates the seat occupancy data at theatre and cineplex level, and checks in real time seat occupancy with ongoing ticket sales and reservations. The reconciled real-time data gives unique insights of which seats are “non-paying” and puts forward all fraud candidates at the individual seat. Powered by a full cloud data-processing solution, SOS allows you to identify and trace individual ticket fraud at the very spot and instantly. Assisted by graphical smartphone/tablet applications and in-cinema displays, owners and personnel can intelligently intervene where necessary. Through the large screen displays in the foyer and above individual theatre entrances, moviegoers can at the same time check theatre seat availability, reservations and occupancy status. Visit Cinvolve at booth 417. (

C. Cretors & Co.

Increase your concession sales! With Cretors Roc N Roll warmer, you can wheel your popcorn warmer right into the auditorium before the show starts. Bring fresh theatre popcorn to the crowd and watch sales grow. The Roc N Roll includes Cretors’ exclusive recirculating Cornditioner system, lighted cabinet and casters. See the Roc N Roll warmer at CineAsia booth 804. (


The Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS2000 is a single-board solution that delivers faster ingest speeds, simplifying operations to save you time and money. Combining Dolby and Doremi technologies, the IMS2000 offers cost-effective reliability proven on over 80,000 screens worldwide, plus the flexibility you need for today’s cinemas. The IMS2000 is the next-generation offering in Dolby’s Integrated Media Server line of products. It continues the trend of providing onboard RAID storage, server control and a DCI-compliant media block in a compact form, enabling it to fit in a DLP® Series 2 projector. User control is via Web-based UI, allowing access from anywhere on the theatre network, with full compatibility with Dolby’s TMS and any third-party TMS that supports Dolby products. See the IMS2000 at booth 207. (

Ferco Seating

The Glide Seat, with its innovative sliding design, ushers in an entirely new level of comfort for cinema patrons. Moving smoothly and effortlessly into the perfect movie-watching position, the state-of-the-art Glide system gently reclines the seat while simultaneously bringing the base forward, providing easy operation, a superior seating position and the ultimate in comfort, support and ergonomics for the moviegoer. When vacated, the Glide automatically returns to its original position, ensuringthe seat-way meets all necessary fire and building codes.

Review the new Glide Seat at booth 221 and be automatically entered into a draw to win an iPad Mini! (

First Audio Manufacturing

First Audio Manufacturing’s FCQA-9631 Digital Cinema Sound Processor is specially designed for large-scale cinemas. Features include color LCD 4.3 touch-sensor display; 16 channels, each with 31-band EQ diagram; Gain, Delay, Limit and Crossover point selection functions in each output channel; and built-in standard test signals including pink noise, white noise, Sine wave and Sine sweep. It also includes 16x16 matrix signal input and output selection, available for custom input output signal, and 100M Ethernet and USB ports for connection with computer control software. The FCQA-9631 is built with the technical parameters of Fidek loudspeakers to simplify the debugging processes. Learn more at booth 600. (

Foshan Carandi Furniture Manufacturing

Foshan Carandi’s RD5508 seat features high-density PU back and seat sponge, molded by cold foaming.The back and seat cover is injection-molded with multiple composite material (ABS) for anti-impact and anti-aging results. The armrest is highly resilient, spacious and turnable back to back. Fabric is stain and discoloration-resistant. The RD5508 isavailable with new spring-tipping mechanism or a fixed structure. Visit Foshan Carandi at booth 513. (

Future 3D / GetD

The ultra-high-brightness GK910 is the latest in GetD’s line of premium cinema systems. This innovative three-beam light-recycling system achieves industry-leading brightness and color fidelity of 30%, light efficiency, and produces 3D images with high sharpness (150:1), low crosstalk (less than 2%) and minimized image distortion. In addition, the system is fully adaptable to cinemas showing films with high frame rates (HFR). Learn more at booth 500. (

Fuyi Acoustics Products Design Development

Over the years, Fuyi Acoustics Products Design Developmenthasdone extensive research to find new, innovative and effective ways to help their customers cut labor cost and time. Their new finished hung acoustical panel achieves that goal. Not only are these panels easy to install, they are sent to site as a finished product.Each panel is comprised of four pieces that are clipped on the wall closely together. The pieces comes together to create a cohesive design and may be incorporated with LED lighting to create a dynamic artistic impression. Each panel is assembled at the factory and shipped to the site along with clips to adhere to the substrate wall. Visit Fuyi Acoustics at booth 619. (

GDC Technology

GDC’s SX-2000X Immersive Sound Media Server supports immersive sound playback and is the only server on the market that offers real-time DTS:X decoding. When powered by the SX-2000X, DTS:X gives superior sound and has very flexible speaker configurations. Thanks to the SX-2000X’s built-in real-time immersive sound decoder, conversion costs are manageable, as an external immersive audio processor is no longer required. This makes immersive sound an affordable luxury for auditoriums of any size. The SX-2000X meets the most stringent industry performance standards for security and reliability, and the highest resolution and frame rate, as recommended by Hollywood studios. See the SX-2000X at booth 313. (

Guangzhou Fangcheng Sign Co.

Guangzhou Fangcheng Sign Co. is featuring the following products at CineAsia 2015: cinema hall plates, theatre LED light boxes, LED step lights, cinema LED numbers, and cinema theatre system guides. Stop by booth 523. (

Guangzhou Lijiang Economic Development Co.

The Crown Jewel VIP rocker from Guangzhou Lijiang is the perfect alternative to typical cinema chairs, with benefits including optimum space saving in VIP seating, with only 48 inches of row spacing needed and a no-footrest design allowing for easy under-seat area cleaning. Options include a four-inch-high strong metal foot for arm leatherette protection from daily cleaning; PP outer back for protection of back upholstery; easily replaceable PU leatherette arm padding or PU armrest, and PP protector at the rear of the armrest. Discover the Crown Jewel at booth 615. (

GuangZhou Plato New Materials Co.

GuangZhou Plato New Materials’ Allianz environmental protection screen is made from the nanometer level. It has no smell, is formaldehyde-free and non-polluting, and uses no heavy metals. Production process is in full compliance with EU environmental standards, through the ROHS certification. The result is a high-quality, healthy, aerobic viewing environment. Learn more at booth 504. (

Hangzhou Chamerfood

Hangzhou Chamerfood Co. Ltd is the biggest professional manufacturer of popcorn product in China. After five years of development, their professional product line spans from popcorn to coffee and French fries. They also provide equipment free to cinemas, including popcorn machines, coffee machines and multimedia game tables. Discover Hangzhou Chamerfood at booth 623. (


HCBL’s Model A72CPPL adult black/plastic circular polarized 3D glasses feature an ABS easy frame and 0.26mm TAC polarized lenses. Size is 152 x 43 x 155 mm. Custom logos are available. Try them on at booth 810. (

Jack Roe Companies

JACRO’s Premiere Digital Signage has been completely upgraded. As with all JACRO products, Premiere Digital signage is modular and can be integrated into most box-office systems. JACRO TaPoS ticketing and point-of-sale also has many new features. JACRO can also supply mobile apps and the JACRO “Fone and Go” movie information system. Learn more at booth 205. (

Jiangsu Burgeree New Technology Materials

Jiangsu Burgeree’s SkyStars and SkyShining are eco-friendly tiles made from polyester fiber material, offering great sound absorption and decorating possibilities. See them at booth 603. (


Kencast is a leader in delivering files and streams flawlessly, quickly and securely over wired and wireless networks. KenCast closely collaborated with DCDC to develop a platform for the management and delivery of DCPs and live events into theatres. Their technology covers 3,000 sites and over 30,000 screens.

KenCast recently introduced the Professional 2K Decoder for live event playback, providing an affordable video-decoding option up to 2K resolution that is fully integrated with its cinema workflow with multiple modes of management. They are now starting cinema operations in EMEA and APAC.

Contact to learn more, or stop by CineAsia booth 119. (


The Klipsch KI-398-RGL is a full-range 22.5-degree trapezoidal design ideally suited for use as a vertical line array in a behind-the-screen cinema system. The loudspeaker has incredible output capability featuring a 15” high excursion cast frame woofer, large-format 3” titanium compression driver and internal high-current full-range crossover. The KI-398-RGL utilizes a Tractrix® horn that provides a well-defined 90 X 50 degree dispersion pattern for optimum coverage and smooth off-axis response. Max output is an impressive 126 dB continuous, 132 dB peak.

All components are housed in a rugged birch plywood enclosure with aesthetically profiled edges and a tough durable finish. The KI-398-RGL vertical line-array speaker has 16 suspension points (four per side) for flexible mounting and rigging bar compatibility. Side-plates are available for vertical line-array configurations. Visit Klipsch at booth 406. (


MediaMation’s proprietary patent-pending MX4D® EFX armrest has now been technologically enhanced to offer cinema operators improved efficiency and performance for overall MX4D theatre savings. While delivering the same realistic immersive special effects directly from each MX4D patron seat armrest—wind, scent, water blasts, air blasts—MMI’s wind effects are now created with low-voltage fans as opposed to air amplifiers. As these fans don't require air from the MX4D theatre's compressor, there is an overall reduction in both start-up and operating costs. Visit MediaMation at booth 321. (

Ningbo Soundking Electronics

Soundking’s digital-cinema Karaoke system AD1 is a new high-tech digital-cinema entertainment system consisting of a digital-cinema projector Karaoke system with DSP, excellent-directivity clear-column speaker cabinets and a metal screen. The original cinema projector is designed with Karaoke, conference reinforcement, recording, video playing, and electro-album functions. The system can be operated via touch-screen. Requesting a song can be done via cellphone or tablet PC. Independent UPS is equipped for power-failure protection. The system also features iVDR technology, and a power supply of Nano material, user-friendly low-power consumption, with multiple functions to meet the requirements of the cinema market. See the AD1 Karaoke system at booth 519. (


Osram's passion for illuminating the world's stories motivates continuous improvements. With their XBO® cinema lamps, they offer products exceeding the highest expectations for quality, cost-per-hour and customer service. Osram’s large cinema lamp portfolio guarantees the ideal lamp for your theatre. Reduce your cost of ownership, thanks to their new long-life generation with minimal aging over their lifetime. With XBO digital-cinema lamps, the drama remains on the screen. Visit Osram at booth 307. (


The Pulz Isowave 9060M cinema speaker system is a three-way system consisting of a high-performance 12” low-mid driver and a coaxially mounted 1.4” compression driver, both loaded with a sophisticated waveguide. A dual 15” ultra-low-distortion woofer complements the mid-high section to achieve a high-performance output across the entire audio frequency range. The system can be tri-amped to unveil its full potential or bi-amped to achieve high-quality output with a single two-channel amplifier.

The uniquely designed mid-high waveguide increases the sensitivity and improves the directivity control over a much wider frequency range, both horizontally and vertically. The heavily damped MDF horn and the sophisticated configuration deliver clean high-fidelity sound unlike the colored and honky sound of conventional cinema horns. See the Isowave at booth 117. (


The new SB-2180 subwoofer from QSC is a dual 18-inch loudspeaker intended for all cinema applications. Each 18-inch driver is loaded into its own internal chamber. An ingenious folded port design minimizes cabinet depth, yet still provides full port volume. This port design also acts as internal bracing, creating a stiffer, less resonant cabinet. All of this allows the enclosure to be at least 20% thinner than any other 2” x 18” subwoofer you can buy, which increases shipping efficiency and reduces freight costs. Visit QSC at booth 100 at CineAsia. (

Screen Solution

Want a screen with great brightness and an invisible hot spot? Screen Solution’s new silver-screen MATRIX SQ reduces darkening of the 2D screen and eyestrain that occurs from ghosting while watching 3D movies.

Screen Solution’s new Surface Coating Processing Technology produces bright, vivid and colorful visuals that can be seen from every seat of a multiplex theatre. MATRIX SQ is also ideal for theatres with an old-fashioned projection system. Visit Screen Solution at CineAsia booth 104. (

Shenshen Hony Optical Co.

Shenshen Hony Optical’s new passive 3D cinema system is ideal for high-end 3D cinema projection. Transmittance:>75%. Optical efficiency: 33%±1%. Ghosting: < 1.5%. Contrast: >150:1. Frame rate: supports 24fps/48fps/60fps.

Max support: 33,000-lumen projectors. Learn more at booth 625. (

Shenzhen Timewaying Technology Co.

Shenzhen Timewaying’s Freedo Turbo Screen 3D cinema system (FD-T05) is a patented product offering high brightness (78% transmittance and an increase in light efficiency up to 34.7%, so that even a single projector can support a big screen) and contrast-enhanced technology, with contrast rates reaching 150:1 or above for amazing 3D images. With the Turbo Screen system, cinemas can use lower-brightness projector bulbs without sacrificing brightness, reducing operating costs. The Turbo Screen is suitable for auditoriums with minimum projection distance of seven meters and supports 1.2 minimum throw ratio, enabling you to bring 3D image quality to nearly any size screen. Learn more at booth 508. (

Shionpong Furniture

ShionpongFurniture Co. specializes in theatre auditorium chairs and cinema sofas. They’re designed with a comfortable width to suit different body sizes, and usesuperior raw materials for chair cushions. Visit Shionpong Furniture at booth 523. (

Spectro Screen

Spectro Screen’s Prima Stella uses innovative single-cell 3D modular technology, resulting in amazing viewing angles, throw ratios and brightness. Learn more at booth 421. (

Sydeco Acoustics

Just select a picture, and Sydeco Acoutics can manufacture it on an acoustical wall panel. Realize both artistic expression and acoustic function. Each panel is assembled and finished at the factory and installed at site. Cut labor costs and increase efficiency. The panels can be used for home theatres, auditoriums, TV studios and many other locations. Visit Sydeco Acoustics at booth 621. (


USL, Inc. announces new product features of the JSD-60 Digital Cinema Processor. The JSD-60’s unique features now includes a BLU link output board which is compatible with the newer BLU link amplifiers. This module allows for the output of the content of any selected BLU link channel.Other features include an internal RTA, eight main outputs (for up to 7.1 auditoriums) plus HI and VI-N outputs (all balanced line level). It comes with a digital bypass circuit for AES/EBU and all other formats. An optional internal bi-amp crossover is available for 5.1 and 7.1 auditoriums.Drive-in cinema support is also included. See the JSD-60 at booth 108. (

Weaver Popcorn

Mammoth Mushroom popcorn! Pop Weaver’s premium Mushroom variety consistently provides large kernels and optimal yields. Its large ball shape is recommended for making caramel corn. Available in 50-lb. bags. Sample Mushroom popcorn at booth 807. (

Wuhu Star Huge Screen Co.

Wuhu Star’s 1.8 silver screen is a new generation of screen that provides a wider viewing angle (2α≥54°) and higher extinction ratio on axis≥150:1. This technology has greatly improved brightness in 3D projection. With laser-illuminated projection becoming more and more common, Star 1.8 is helpful in reducing speckle. Applications include 2D, 3D and 4D cinemas and premium large format houses. Learn more at booth 501. (

Yuyu Lighting Co.

Yuyu Lighting’s new xenon lamp for digital projectors provides longer life (200 to 300 hours more than the old model), higher brightness (5% and up), top-quality service (including free spare lamp and reflector), and the lowest prices. Visit Yuyu Lighting at booth 503. (