CineLab KDM management platform integrates with MACCS

Technology and New Products

Vista Group company MACCS International, leading software provider for theatrical distribution, announced the integration of CineLab software with MACCS’ online platform DCinemaHub.

DCinemaHub, part of MaccsBox, is a central communication platform for all parties involved in digital cinema management and deliveries, connecting distributors, postproduction houses, shipping depots and cinemas through a single interface to fully automate the ordering of DCPs and KDMs.

CineLab software provides postproduction facilities, studios and distributors with the tools to easily manage the DCP delivery and KDMs creation and the control of the whole process, through an easily managed SaaS system.

This integration allows distributors to order their bookings within MACCS: CineLab automatically delivers DCP, creates the required KDMs and pushes them to theatres either by email or using the Theatre Key Retrieval (TKR) protocol.

“The integration with CineLab is the expected outcome of our long-term strategy,” said Bert Huls, MACCS CEO, and Sander Van Oyen, MACCS commercial director. “Our goal to fully automate the DCP delivery and KDM ordering processes for our clients has made an important step forward with the connection to CineLab”.

Denis Glinsky, CEO of CineLab Ltd., added: “The integration of CineLab with MACCS bridges the gap between business and technology: Now anyone able to contract a new booking will see all the DCP delivery and KDMs processing done automatically and in full transparency, without any further manual input.”