CinemaBarco technology to be featured at CinemaCon

Digital Cinema

Barco will showcase the next step in its full line of advanced digital-cinema technologies at CinemaCon 2016, April 11-14 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This year’s highlight: CinemaBarco, comprised of four key technologies—Barco Laser Projection, Barco Escape, AuroMax® and Barco Lobby Experience.

Barco Laser Projection

The Barco Flagship Laser projector provides a differentiated, cost-effective solution for premium large format (PLF) and large auditoriums, while reducing complexity and operating costs for exhibitors. According to recent independent and exhibitor surveys, moviegoers give the highest image-quality scores to Flagship Laser-illuminated screens. They also say that this premium experience will entice them to visit the cinema more frequently, and that they would be willing to pay a higher ticket price for the laser-projected movie.

Exhibitors can now benefit from laser projection in every auditorium across their entire circuit with Barco’s new economical line of Laser Phosphor cinema projectors. At CineAsia 2015, Barco introduced the DP2K-15CLP and the DP2K-20CLP, the first of a broader wave of Barco Laser Phosphor projectors. The DP2K-20CLP, an 18,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema, is an industry first, featuring three times the brightness of any other laser phosphor projector and lower operating costs than Xenon projectors, Barco states.

A unique laser phosphor retrofit module allows exhibitors who already own a Barco cinema projector to easily replace the lamp house with a laser phosphor module.

Barco Escape

An integral component of CinemaBarco, Barco Escape is helping to reestablish the cinema as a unique entertainment destination, delivering fresh content in a compelling way that makes going to the movies, once again, a spectacular social event. This multiscreen, panoramic movie format treats audiences to a movie experience that envelops them in the action, whether in a feature film, alternative content, or branding campaign messages.

Barco Lobby Experience

The Barco Lobby Experience is an innovative digital display system that envelops the moviegoer by transforming the ordinary cinema lobby into an immersive storytelling environment. Animated box office, concessions and menu boards, animated movie posters, and dynamic, custom multiscreen movie trailer presentations combine to create an engaging, revenue-generating entertainment center that brings the entire cinema to life.


This innovataive sound-rendering technology, powered by Barco Audio Technologies (formerly IOSONO) and Auro Technologies, combines the best characteristics of object-based technology with the Auro 11.1 by Barco immersive sound format.

CinemaCon attendees can immerse themselves in all of these innovative sight and sound theatre solutions by visiting the CinemaBarco showcase located at the Milano and Neopolitan ballrooms and at Barco booth 2313A:

Barco Lobby Experience: Hallway between Milano and Neopolitan ballrooms

Barco Escape & Auro 11.1: Milano 5 & 6

• Flagship Laser (RGB) projection & AuroMax: Neopolitan 1 & 2

• Laser phosphor projection: Neopolitan 3