CinemaNext pacts with Alamo Drafthouse for EclairColor HDR deployment

Technology and New Products

CinemaNext and Texas-based circuit Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced the signing of an agreement for the installation of the EclairColor HDR (High Dynamic Range) at ten locations in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, New York and Virginia.


“We’re excited to become part of this HDR adventure with EclairColor,” said Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League. “It’s part of our strategy to keep our investment high when it comes to elevating the image quality of our projections simply because our raison d’être is to provide the best entertainment experiences to moviegoers with the right mix of programming: blockbusters, indies, foreign films, documentaries and classic movies. The benefits of EclairColor HDR are clearly visible to moviegoers with a significantly enhanced image and an increased perception of details. The color range is much richer and the gradients much more refined, even in the darkest colors.”


“We are thrilled to seal this new alliance with Alamo Drafthouse, a cinema chain heralded for unique programming events and high exhibition standards, right after successfully completing our first test site at Alamo Drafthouse Mueller in Austin back in September,” said Stan Hays, managing partner of CinemaNext North America. “It’s an important milestone for our company in the deployment of a powerful and affordable HDR technology across the States. We expect to complete our first initial rollout before summer in the cities of Dallas and Corpus Christi [TX], Chandler-Phoenix [AZ], San Francisco, Denver, Springfield [MO], La Vista/Omaha [NE], Brooklyn and Yonkers [NY] and Ashburn [VA].”


EclairColor combines a mastering process and select projection system technologies from Sony Digital Cinema 4K and Barco, available through CinemaNext. The equipment can be used to run EclairColor mastered content as well as standard DCI content. To date, a total of 126 cinema auditoriums have been equipped with EclairColor including 59 in Germany, 54 in France and three in the United Kingdom.