Cinemark to install first D-Box motion recliners in U.S.

Cinemas News

D-BOX Technologies and Cinemark Holdings announced plans to install the first D-BOX motion recliner seats in the U.S. The initial installation is slated for an auditorium in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and will be followed by more in the near future.

D-BOX's single-motion luxury recliners are equipped with extendable footrests and patented individual motion controls to create a personalized immersive experience.


"This announcement comes at an opportune time in the market, as the trend towards luxury recliners kicks into overdrive," declared Claude Mc Master, president and chief executive officer of D-BOX. "Our innovative motion technology, turnkey installation and individual motion controls are a great fit for exhibitors who want to capitalize on the high consumer interest in a unique premium luxury experience."


"We've had great success with D-BOX to date and are pleased to expand our partnership further with the installation of the first recliner motion seat,” stated Mark Zoradi, Cinemark's chief executive officer. "With our continued focus on enhancing the guest experience, we are thrilled to offer our loyal guests in Albuquerque the opportunity to be among the first to experience the motion technology in a recliner format."