Cinepolis selects Arts Alliance software for all sites in India

Technology and New Products

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) was selected by Cinépolis, one of the world’s largest exhibitors, to provide automated scheduling and content management across its entire circuit in India. AAM’s Screenwriter TMS (Theatre Management System) and Producer Enterprise TMS software solutions are being deployed in all 273 of Cinépolis’ screens, which span 51 sites across India.

From their head office in Mexico, Cinépolis’ 24-hour NOC will be able to remotely manage everything from content to KDM deliveries to schedule-building for all their sites in India.

When Cinépolis acquired the Indian exhibitor, they had never used a TMS before, and relied on programming individual screen servers. Installing Screenwriter at every site enables automation of playlist building and hardware cues.

Gabriel Morales Becker, global technology director of Cinépolis, stated, “Centralizing our operations at both site level and head office with AAM is the best way for us to continue expanding in a sustainable way. The logistics of managing cinema chains across continents and time zones, as well as actively working to strengthen their reputations for quality and consistency, are substantial. Without the real-time oversight and control Producer affords our head office, we would spend more time, effort and money on our operations in return for much less insight into what was working. And without Screenwriter’s time-saving automations, our on-site staff wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality customer experiences that audiences expect from Cinépolis.”

Producer is designed to control and monitor the status of all the sites in a circuit, displaying playback details in real time and highlighting any upcoming issues for proactive resolution. Content can be managed remotely and pre-show packs of ads and trailers built from head office, saving staff time at sites and reducing the possibility of human error.

Patrick Foley, CEO at Arts Alliance Media, said, “Cinépolis are committed to optimizing their operations so they can pass the benefits on to their customers. We are proud to provide the solutions that enable these efficiencies so that Cinepolis can continue to expand on their screen count as well their brand reputation for excellence.”