CJ 4DPLEX debuts new VR Disk unit

Technology and New Products

CJ 4DPLEX is showcasing for the first time to the public the new 4DX VR Disk unit at IAAPA Attractions Expo (IAE) 2017 in Orlando, FL. CJ 4DPLEX will also exhibit the best-selling 4DX VR Ride, 4DX VR Sway and Twist, and an upgraded version of its 4DX VR Racing unit. All visitors to CJ 4DPLEX’s booth (#2247) at IAE 2017 will experience a collection of adventure VR content including a rollercoaster, a monster game, car racing, spacecraft rides and rickshaw rides in each of the four types of 4DX VR offerings. 

The new 4DX VR Disk allows people to explore 360 degrees of virtual reality without having to place their feet on the floor. The Disk rotates horizontally and gives the feeling of actually being in a particular environment and able to move around freely. The 4DX VR Disk also gives users the feeling of acceleration and deceleration and can be used with any VR head-mounted device (HMD) as well as in coordination with any VR content including gaming and short films.

The 4DX VR Ride is returning to the IAE showcase after a successful launch in AAE 2017 in June. The VR Ride is a four- or eight-seat, all-in-one virtual-ready 4D-ride package. The immersive experience is amplified by being inside the physical vehicle.

4DX VR Racing is also returning to IAE, but with a revamped design. 4DX VR’s interactive racing product allows up to four players, each racing against the clock and head-to-head against each other in real time. With its footprint coming in at under 1.8 square meters, family entertainment centers and other venues can generate high returns in a small space, the company says. Players are able to sit side-by-side and experience a VR racing attraction optimized for dynamic VR games such as driving, extreme sports and riding.

Another product returning to IAE 2017 will be 4DX VR Sway and Twist. This offering can be custom-configured for any venue, from small-scale attractions to large-scale venues of 500 or more seats. The motion-technology of the Sway and Twist chairs allows for a level of movement in many directions. 

“Our company has been committed to taking our 4DX VR lineup to the next level in order to be an impactful game-changer in the virtual-reality entertainment industry,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “We are excited for the opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art VR products to many clients and partners, both old and new, at the expo in Orlando.”

CJ 4DPLEX recently announced its strategic partnership with US VR Global Inc., one of the world’s leading virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology companies, and will provide the immersive 4DX VR products to the US VR Global Inc.’s newly introduced HERO Central Park—the world’s largest virtual reality theme park. HERO Central Park is expected to open to the public by the fourth quarter of 2018.