Classic Cinemas to install DTS:X audio at five locations

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DTS announced a partnership with Classic Cinemas to install DTS:X immersive audio technology across 16 screens at five Classic Cinemas locations.

DTS:X technology enables filmmakers to create richer soundscapes by moving sound objects in front of, behind, above and beside the audience, precisely where the mixer places them.

Installation of DTS:X-certified equipment has begun and will be completed by spring 2018 at the following locations: Charlestowne 18 (St. Charles, Ill.), Cinema 12 (Carpentersville, Ill.), Lake Theatre (Oak Park, Ill.), North Riverside Luxury 6 (North Riverside, Ill.) and York Theatre (Elmhurst, Ill.).

“We are truly pleased to partner with Classic Cinemas and provide the DTS:X experience in their historic venues,” said Bill Neighbors, general manager, cinema, digital media and streaming solutions at DTS. “The flexibility of DTS:X allows Classic Cinemas the ability to offer their guests a premium experience that is true to the filmmakers’ intent, while allowing for the historic preservation of their theatres.”

“We appreciate and celebrate history as well as innovation, and our partnership with DTS demonstrates our passion,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Classic Cinemas. “Installing DTS:X-certified equipment in our auditoriums will deliver a premium experience to our guests in a cost-efficient way, thanks to the technology’s inherent flexibility and most importantly, first-class sound.”

DTS:X debuted in August 2015. To date, more than 120 theatrical titles have been released and exhibited with a DTS:X soundtrack, more than 500 screens around the world have added DTS:X, and more than 60 mixing stages in 17 countries have installed DTS:X production tools.

DTS:X cinema certification is achieved by complying with the DTS:X installation guidelines and installing DTS:X-approved equipment available from top server, sound rendering/processor companies and speaker manufacturers including GDC Technology, QSC, Adde Audio, DK Audio, Elipson, JBL, KCS, Klipsch and Meyer Sound.

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