Damien Wessenburger is named business head of Sony Digital Cinema 4K

Technology and New Products

Sony Professional Solutions Europe (PSE) confirmed the appointment of Damien Weissenburger to spearhead the company’s expanding Theatre Solutions business serving cinema chains and independent screen owners.

Weissenburger assumes his new role as business head of Sony Digital Cinema 4K in parallel with current responsibilities as business head of corporate and education Solutions. Based in the U.K., he will oversee strategic growth plans for the two separate business entities.  

“In this new role I will be building on David McIntosh’s great work as Sony’s cinema business moves into its next exciting phase of growth,” Weissenburger stated. “Maximizing synergies from across Sony, I believe we can develop innovative new presentation solutions that will shape the future of cinema exhibition. One example of this is our Crystal LED big-screen display technology, being shown here at CineEurope. This gives an intriguing hint of a possible future for digital cinema—one that may not even involve projectors at all!”

Referencing Sony’s feature film production arm, Weissenburger noted, “More than other electronics manufacturers, we absolutely understand the importance of creating amazing images that connect emotionally with audiences. I’m excited to focus in on accelerating our innovation capabilities in Europe to continue to offer our customers and exhibition partners the very best picture show.”

Weissenburger’s predecessor David McIntosh now heads up Sony’s Sports division that includes technology innovator Hawk-Eye and sporting content systems specialist Pulselive.