Deluxe launches first outside Brazilian sign-language service

Technology and New Products

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group announced the launch of its Brazilian sign-language (LIBRAS) localization service. The service—the first of its kind outside of Brazil—is designed to help studios meet Brazil’s new LIBRAS accessibility requirements, which began to be enforced as of Sept. 17 and necessitate that studios produce and deliver LIBRAS video recordings for any feature released in Brazilian theatres.

Deluxe Distribution’s Localization and Digital Cinema teams worked closely with LIBRAS specialists to create a process that embeds video content synchronized with the audio and picture of theatrical releases directly into the Digital Cinema Package (DCP). This approach offers security, scalability and the capacity to work with any device the theatre opts to provide the service on.

“We’re always working to get to where our clients need to be—before they need to be there,” said Derek McKellar, president of Deluxe Localization. “We’re pleased to have built and tested our pipeline to optimize file sizes for fast, high-quality encoding, on-boarded top vendors and trained our teams so that studios can bring their features to the three million people who use LIBRAS as their first language.”

More than five percent of the Brazilian population have a hearing disability and rely on Brazilian sign language (LIBRAS)—which is recognized as the official second language of the country—to enjoy content.

Deluxe’s 9,000 translators and interpreters, offering subtitling, dubbing and access services in 60+ languages, all integrated onto their Sfera platform, localize 1.5 million minutes of content every month.