Downtown Indianapolis IMAX to screen four Christopher Nolan films

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Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar will have exclusive 15/70mm film screenings at the IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum in downtown Indianapolis, August 17-10.

The Downtown IMAX is one of only 40 theatres left with the ability to show 15/70mm IMAX film, and is the only theatre to offer Christopher Nolan fans this viewing opportunity. Showtimes and tickets are available at

In this format, certain scenes will expand to fill the entire six-story screen, allowing moviegoers to see up to 40 percent more of the image.

“Before we slide the IMAX film projector back into storage and as a celebration of the end of our film run of Dunkirk, we figured we would bring some of Mr. Nolan’s recent classics out of the library,” said Craig Mince, theatre manager. “As a lover of cinema, there’s truly no better way to experience these films.”

That weekend there will also be an on-site contest for moviegoers to win a Dunkirk commemorative IMAX film frame in Lucite and a collector’s case.

Indianapolis Gen Con attendees will receive a discount of $2 off when they present their convention badge at the box office. Double, triple and quadruple feature discounts will be available at the box office for repeat moviegoers.

These films are some of the first to screen in the downtown IMAX since the addition of new seats. The new, slightly reclining leather seats allow for more personal space.