Dubai Mall's Reel Cinemas to install MediaMation motion-effects theatre

Technology and New Products

4D cinema and interactive technologies company MediaMation, Inc. has been commissioned to produce a 132-seat MX4D® Motion EFX Theatre for Reel Cinemas in The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest and most-attended retail and entertainment destination. Middle East-based dealer/integrator Scrabble helped arrange the pact.

The Dubai Mall, with more than 1,200 retail outlets, welcomed over 80 million visitors in 2014. The Mall’s Reel Cinemas megaplex has 22 screens.

MX4D is MediaMation’s branded “4D” pneumatically driven motion EFX system. In general, 4D refers to immersive cinema technology which allows moviegoers to experience films via the addition of moving seats, air/water blasts, leg/neck ticklers, fog, seat/back pokers, seat rumblers and other special effects that emanate from specially designed theatre seats or from inside the theatre itself. These multiple special effects are programmed to both sync with and enhance the action onscreen and sounds in the theatre.

Scrabble COOPruthu Sha noted, “It has taken over a year and a half to secure this project. We are taking great care as we install one of the first MX4D cinemas in the UAE. Reel Cinemas is a very important client to us, as we handle all their digital-cinema installations. We couldn’t be more excited. The cinemas in the UAE territory are favorable to adding 4D screens and technology. We decided to align ourselves with MediaMation as we liked their air-pneumatic technology and their business model.”