Emagine Novi Theatre hosts TimePlay gaming tournament

Cinemas News

On March 24, Detroit moviegoers and gaming enthusiasts gathered together to compete for the title of TimePlay champion in an interactive gaming tournament. Detroit’s top 20 tournament players came together at the Emagine Novi Theatre to play against one another for $3,000 in cash prizes.

The tournament final was the culmination of a month-long qualifier program where the top 20 ranked went head-to-head to compete for cash prizes. The event was also open to the general public to watch the finals and also compete in arcade and pop-culture trivia games. The Detroit theatre was at capacity.

“We were absolutely thrilled and excited that the event was such a success,” says Aaron Silverberg, VP of marketing at TimePlay. “There was a huge line-up to get in.”

TimePlay’s proposition turns participants’ mobile phones into controllers to play games on the cinema screen. Unlike other platforms, TimePlay allows everyone in the audience to participate and compete.

“TimePlay allows audiences to participate and compete against each other on the big screen, whether against family, friends or strangers. The energy at both events was unbelievable,” Silverberg enthused. “With the success of these gaming events, we look forward to expanding the program in the future.”

TimePlay and Cineplex hosted a similar and equally successful tournament the previous week in Toronto, Canada.