GDC Standalone Media Block is now HDMI-compliant

Digital Cinema

GDC Technology announced that its flagship product, the SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™, is now fully compliant with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) standards. In addition, the company has qualified as a licensed HDMI specification adopter, which means it is authorized to design, manufacture and sell licensed products that are in compliance with HDMI specifications.

GDC Technology is the only digital-cinema server manufacturer to offer an HDMI-licensed digital-cinema server on the market. HDMI technology is the worldwide standard for transmitting high-definition digital content.

“Becoming an HDMI specification adopter and the qualification of our flagship product as a licensed product under HDMI’s compliance requirements demonstrate GDC Technology’s capability and commitment to innovate, design and offer products with high quality and reliability,” said Pranay Kumar, CTO of GDC Technology. “We have conducted rigorous compliance testing over the past few months to ensure the SX-3000 IMB fully meets the stringent compliancy and robustness requirements mandated by the HDMI standards.”