GDC Technology spotlights Cinema Automation 2.0 at CineAsia

Technology and New Products

GDC Technology Limited is showcasing its next-generation cinema automation system to motion pictures exhibitors during CineAsia 2017 this week at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 (CA2.0) is the first-ever centralized system to provide comprehensive automated management of content storage and playback, show scheduling, power supply and screening quality. GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 incorporates the SCL-2000 Centralized Storage Playback Solution, an integrated centralized storage and playback system designed to streamline content management, and leverages machine intelligence to increase efficiency while dramatically reducing the need for human intervention.

“GDC’s passion for innovation is driven by listening to our customers and understanding their evolving needs as the industry develops,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology. “Our goal is to satisfy their needs by continually improving and automating cinema operations through our reliable first-to-market solutions, helping exhibitors to cut operating costs, increase revenues and improve screening quality. At the same time, we are always conscious of the demands of today’s moviegoers and their desire for what we call the Three W’s—What to watch, When to watch, and Where to watch. Their expectations for flexibility are key consideration in our product development.”

Dr. Chong continued, “With these factors in mind, we set out to create the most advanced, flexible and comprehensive automated cinema system in the market. Our vision is to transform digital cinema management so that the operator need only enter show programming rules into a single point via the POS system. From then, our integrated system would manage the entire workflow automatically, handling the time-consuming processes that traditionally require human intervention. We also aimed to eliminate the storage constraints of today’s digital cinemas and the need to transfer content physically between auditoriums.

“CA2.0 fulfils all these ambitious goals, and satisfies our key criteria for a new product—it meets a real customer need, enhancing cinema patrons’ experience while helping cinema operators to cut costs and increase reliability. With its value already proven in a number of multi-screen cinemas across Asia—in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia—as well as in the USA, we are confident that CA2.0 represents the future of digital cinema management worldwide, and places us firmly at the forefront of digital cinema development.”

The SCL-2000 is capable of playback of 1,000 movies to as many as 14 screens from the centralized server, massively boosting programming flexibility and eliminating the need for local storage.

The SCL-2000 reduces content ingestion time by over 90 percent, increases playback reliability by 14 times, and stores over 30 times more content for each auditorium. The system manages equipment power supply and assures industry-standard screening quality automatically by smart-testing and analysis, and its fail-safe design helps eliminate interruptions.

Live demonstrations of this technology for a 14-screen cineplex are being staged at GDC’s futuristic booth at CineAsia. In addition, GDC is highlighting other cutting-edge technology solutions including the SR-1000 Standalone IMB® featuring CineCacheTM, built-in cache memory, allowing content playback to be performed without HDD storage. This system integrates seamlessly with CA2.0.

Visit GDC at booth 313 in Hall 3G at CineAsia through Dec. 14. Contact GDC to arrange an individual meeting with their sales consultant at