GDC Technology unveils products at CinemaCon

Technology and New Products

GDC Technology Ltd., a leading global provider of solutions for the cinema industry, has announced its new brand JETREEL as well as three additional products for the cinema industry at CinemaCon 2017.

JETREEL™ Cinema, a branded ultra-premium large-format cinema experience features 8K screen technology that combines unprecedented image quality with brightness ten times the industry standard, near infinite contrast ratio and enhanced color gamut to complement immersive sound technology and distinctive interior design features and luxury reclining chairs.

"With its exceptionally high contrast, the audience will be drawn into the character’s point-of-view with vivid details in 8K that is more immersive than any entertainment experience," said Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology.  “JETREEL Cinema is a luxurious guest experience that reinvents moviegoing for audiences and making for filmmakers.”

The company touted three other new products at the convention:

• SR-1000 integrated media block, a sixth-generation D-cinema media server designed for near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership.

Key features and benefits:

*  Embedded power electronics (used in medical and military products).

*  Cache memory to playback content without HDD storage.

*  Integratation with Harman JBL audio products, including high-performance cinema processors.

• NOC 2.0 software puts the health of booth equipment in the hands of exhibitors, whether operating an in-house maintenance organization or interfacing with a third-party network operation center.

Key features and benefits:

*  Remotely monitor real-time equipment health, temperature and lamp life.

*  Get mobile notifications when issue arises.

*  Create and track service tickets and compliance with service level agreements.

• SmartCinema™ software, a control room for the entire cinema that protects equipment, monitors the environment and helps operating efficiency—a kind of smart home automation designed specifically for the cinema industry.

Key features and benefits:

*  Security—real-time remote monitoring and control of the entire site’s physical security via CCTV cameras, smart locks, and open/closed sensors.

*  Environment—real-time remote monitoring of humidity, temperature, smoke and water-leak detection; temperature can be remotely adjusted to ensure a comfortable movieviewing experience.

*  Energy—real-time remote monitoring of the quality of the power supply, energy consumption, and equipment on/off status to decrease waste in utility expenses.

*  Admissions Audit—counting the number of patrons entering and exiting the auditorium and audit against ticket sales for each show time.

In addition to previewing GDC’s newly released product lines, CinemaCon delegates will be able to experience first-hand the latest TMS-2000 theatre management software (TMS-2000) offering new features and improvements to boost productivity. In addition, the GDC SX-4000 Standalone IMB and XSP-1000 Cinema Processor (GDC Immersive Sound Solution), comprised of a future-proof IMB with real-time DTS:X decoding and an advanced cinema processor, is featured at the convention. 

Visit the GDC booth 2111A at CinemaCon 2017 in the Augustus Ballroom until March 30 to learn more about the features and benefits of other improved GDC digital cinema products, such as the TMS-2000 and Library Management solution built with GDC CLA-2000 and Enterprise Storage Plus.