Gofilex and MPS sign investment agreements in quest to join forces

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Gofilex and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS)—specialists in theatrical film servicing and digital content distribution—announced they have signed several commercial and financial agreements that further the strategic alliance of MPS’ 700-site LANsat estate with Gofilex’s pan-European network of more than 1,400 sites.

The agreements will see the two companies’ distribution networks unite to service film distributors and exhibitors in more than 2,000 locations throughout Europe, as well as in the wider international and domestic markets.

The collaboration includes financial investment from MPS, which will help to drive the networks through the next phases of electronic delivery and event streaming solutions. MPS’s financial input also enables Gofilex to expand its footprint significantly across the 19 territories it already services.

“Uniting our two E-delivery footprints makes total sense—we have been talking about this for years and are excited to bring our combined knowledge and shared customer-first approach to other markets,” said Paul Huis in ‘t Veld, CEO of Gofilex, “We have always felt that collaboration throughout the full content supply chain is key to the industry’s future and working together with MPS will allow us to roll out Gofilex’s advanced E-delivery and streaming solutions. MPS has considerable strength in content mastering and KDM generation and delivery. As such, working with them using our proven technologies and workflows, we will be able to deliver content earlier in the distribution process—our combined advantages benefitting both distributors and exhibitors.”

“Like Gofilex, MPS has worked hard to build a reputation as a forward-thinking and secure service provider for both the exhibition and distribution communities,” stated Matt Aspray, CEO of MPS. “There is a natural fit between our two companies. Both are built with the same DNA at their heart.

“Our Investment in Gofilex will help Paul and Cathy and their talented team accelerate deployment to many thousands of sites. The wider Gofilex delivery network will bring greater consistency and clarity to distributors and cinemas in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”