Hollywood Software acquires Digital Cinema Systems

Digital Cinema

Hollywood Software has announced that it has purchased Digital Cinema Systems, Inc. (DigiCine), with its FilmStore world-class motion picture playback system and all of its patents. The acquisition allows Hollywood Software to offer clients a completely integrated TMS and SMS solution with flexible, low-cost upgrade options.

“The industry is moving into the next stage of digital cinema now that virtual print fees are ending and equipment from the first installations is reaching end-of-life,” says David Gajda, executive chairman of Hollywood Software. “After working with DigiCine for two years and most recently having fully integrated FilmStore with our TMS, this acquisition leaves Hollywood Software poised to present exhibitors with the most flexible, low-cost options for new Series II installations and Series I migrations.”

FilmStore is a unique, full-featured digital-cinema playback solution for theatres of all sizes. It offers exhibitors a premium, easy-to-use SMS with flexible choices in capability, servers and configuration. The installation and migration options Hollywood Software will be offering exhibitors worldwide include: 

FilmStore 3: Series II Media Player Solution

  • --Provides a low-cost solution to satisfy new installation, upgrade or replacement needs.  
  • --Offers the only certified software solution on the market that is hardware manufacturer agnostic.
  • --Offers pre-negotiated, proprietary pricing available via a world-class, pre-configured Dell system, available with 24/7 warranty and support.
  • --Provides remote-diagnostic capabilities and support.
  • --Meets operational and industry requirements continually through software updates.
  • --Provides flexible storage capacity configuration (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 TB).

FilmStore 4: Series I Extension

  • --Extends the life of, and enhances Series I projector via a modular solution that provides operators with Series II player capabilities.
  • --Provides a low-cost migration path to a Series II projector via a simple configuration change at no additional hardware cost.
  • --Provides many of the features previously only available on Series II systems, limited only by the projector (3D/HFR).

“Historically, when you have a Series I projector and your Series I server failed, the answer was to purchase another Series I server, which has serious cost and functional implications,” explains Larry McCourt, SVP sales and marketing, Hollywood Software. “The FilmStore 4 solution gives exhibitors a more future-proofed option. And combining FilmStore’s content management components with Hollywood Software’s Theatre Command Center (TCC) and Enterprise Web systems provides a complete hardware/software solution.”

“Having originally rolled out with FilmStore across our circuit in the U.K., and more recently having deployed Hollywood Software’s TCC TMS, Empire Cinemas has benefited from the seamless integration of the two systems,” says Justin Ribbons, CEO, Empire Cinemas. “We welcome the additional world-class support and reach Hollywood Software provides as we expand further.”