iQIYI opens China's first THX-certified on-demand movie theatre

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iQIYI, Inc. a market-leading online entertainment service in China, and THX Ltd., which certifies world-class cinemas and consumer electronics, announced that the first offline “Yuker” on-demand movie theatre in Zhongshan, Guangdong is now THX Certified.

Tao Lei, VP of iQIYI, and Wu Hao, general manager of THX China, unveiled the official THX Certified Cinema plaque during the opening ceremony launch event on Nov. 9. THX has continually advocated for improvements of sound and image quality with local exhibitors and the content creation community in China.

“iQIYI and THX share the same vision to provide the best viewing experience to customers,” said Lei. “iQIYI will take advantage of strong brand awareness, massive user base, popular content and advanced technology to contribute to the growth of this booming market and extend our premium viewing experience to offline consumers. We believe that our partnership with THX will further elevate the status of the theatre and increase the strength and overall scale of China’s film industry.”

“We are delighted to establish this significant partnership with iQIYI to bring the very best cinema experience to viewers in China, one of the largest cinema markets in the world,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of THX. “THX and iQIYI are respective technology leaders in cinema and video streaming, and we are confident that this partnership will help deliver superior audio and visual entertainment experiences to a broad range of audiences in China.”

iQIYI and THX worked closely to meet THX specifications for certification, a process that systematically measures and verifies the performance quality of commercial cinemas against industry standards. The process includes auditorium building structure analysis, audio and video equipment verification, and system configuration and calibration.

The Yuker movie theatre combines the convenience of on-demand service with the high-quality audiovisual environment of traditional cinemas. Users are free to select the time and location of viewing, as well as content from iQIYI’s online movie library.

The launch of the Yuker movie theatre has made iQIYI the first major online entertainment platform to tap into the on-demand movie theatre market, and the box office generated by iQIYI's Yuker theatres will be included in China's official box-office estimation. iQIYI plans to improve the existing unregulated business model of the on-demand cinema industry through joint efforts with all links in the industry chain.