Jackie Chan Cinemas centralizes with Arts Alliance Media systems

Technology and New Products

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), together with their Chinese reseller Beijing Cserv, announced that Jackie Chan Cinemas will centralize all their operations using AAM’s enterprise Theatre Management System (TMS), known as Producer.

Jackie Chan Cinemas’ rapid expansion in China, from just over 200 screens in 2015 to over 600 this year, exposed their need for greater oversight of their operations from a central point. In order to continue growing sustainably, they will use Producer to standardize their operations and minimize the burden of daily operational tasks on site staff.

Producer gives the head office in Beijing full visibility and control over their entire estate’s content and screenings. The centralized team can now automate playlist and schedule building, playback and KDM delivery for all of their screens across China.

Patrick Zhao, CEO at Jackie Chan Cinemas, said, “We are continuing to grow at such a pace that we will have over 800 screens by 2018. Producer gives us the oversight and tools we need to add screens to our circuit without duplicating the amount of content management work needed, so our staff can stay focused on providing innovative audience experiences.”

Jackie Chan Cinemas has been using AAM’s TMS, Screenwriter, to manage content, playlists and scheduling on all of their screens since 2015. Upgrading to Producer extends and centralizes that functionality. AAM will deploy Producer together with Beijing Cserv, one of AAM’s strongest technical partners in China.

Producer is designed to control and monitor the status of all the sites in a circuit, highlighting any upcoming issues for proactive resolution. In addition to saving site staff time, managing content and pre-show packs remotely reduces the possibility of human error.

John Aalbers, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, said, “Jackie Chan Cinemas value the quality of their scheduling as one of their strongest selling points, so it was vital that, no matter how many sites they added, they could maintain tight control. Through centralization, they can continue to grow and deliver on their promises to their customers without worrying about needing technical specialists at each site. We are delighted to provide them all the benefits of an automated, centralized circuit so they can keep expanding for years to come.”