KARO's Olga Zinyakova to receive CineEurope Exhibitor Award

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Olga Zinyakova, president of the KARO cinema chain, was named the 2018 recipient of CineEurope's “International Exhibitor of the Year Award." The award will be presented as part of the CineEurope Awards Ceremony hosted by The Coca-Cola Company on Thursday, June 14, at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain.

Each year at CineEurope, the honor is bestowed on a cinema exhibitor whose accomplishments, new developments, growth and market leadership make them a standard-bearer for the industry.

“It gives us great pleasure to present the International Exhibitor of the Year award to KARO cinema chain,” said Andrew Sunshine, president of the Film Expo Group, which manages CineEurope. “KARO has built a culture of innovation for cinema, changing the moviegoing experience in Russia with concept cinemas for the new generation. It has proven to be a pioneer in the industry and we congratulate all concernedon this well-deserved honor.”

Laura Houlgatte-Abbott, CEO of UNIC (the International Union of Cinemas), added, “We are delighted to see Olga Zinyakova and the KARO сinema team recognized at this year’s CineEurope. Russia has quickly become one of the key territories for growth in European cinema, and much of that is due to the energy, innovation and investment that KARO has brought to the sector. We look forward to joining Olga Zinyakova and her colleagues in celebrating what is a fitting testament to the ongoing success of the company.”

“We extremely appreciate the high assessment of our work by an international industry community,” said Zinyakova. “The Russian market is very dynamic and competitive. This year, Russia is showing the most growth of large markets in Europe. Our team will continue to do our best to maintain the highest standards and new ideas, and we hope that the global recognition of our efforts will contribute to expanding our ‘new generation cinema’ concept in Russia.”

KARO was the first circuit in Russia to introduce self-service ticket and F&B systems and online F&B sales, as well as U-Choose cinema bars offering more than 100 items of goods. KARO is the owner of the two largest megaplexes in Russia, one of which is recognized as the largest cinema venue in Europe. KARO’s “Black” halls offer a first-class experience.

Zinyakova has been president of KARO since 2017. She has been in the cinema business for 15 years and started her career in television at Channel One Russia and TNT TV Channel. Between 2008 to 2013, she held the position of CEO at PromoFilm, which specialized in movie advertising and promotion at Channel One Russia, as well as creation and implementation of the advertising campaigns for movies. Beginning in 2013, she was KARO’s head of advertising and marketing.

Running June 11-14, CineEurope 2018 will feature exclusive screenings and product presentations of upcoming films, sponsored events, timely seminars and a tradeshow. CineEurope is the official convention of UNIC.