Leonis promotes immersive audio technology HoloSound

Technology and New Products

Leonis Cinema brings an immersive experience to cinema audiences with their new HoloSound technology, introduced at a ceremony held at Lizeqiao Theater and attended by members of Cultural Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and other industry leaders.

HoloSound is an object-based technology that conforms to the DCI specification and the SMPTE standard. It supports up to 256 speakers, which allows sound to be displayed in three-dimensional space. Its equipment is divided into the HoloSound content authoring system for post-production and HoloSound the content rendering system for theaters.

“I am pleased to see that Leonis has developed immersive 3D audio technology that conforms to international standards and has made a contribution to Chinese cinema technology development.” said Mao Daping, vice president of the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association and president of film technology branch. "As long as we take the localization of equipment as our responsibility and persevere in scientific and technological innovation, the dream of rejuvenating the country by film industry will be realized."

In addition to its application in digital cinema, HoloSound also includes HoloSound-VR and HoloSound-Consumer technology, relevant to the fields of virtual reality and personal consumer electronics.