Malco Theatres partners with SurveyMe feedback app

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Malco Theatres, the 11th-largest theatre circuit in the USA, announced its partnership with the mobile feedback app SurveyMe. Malco will use SurveyMe's app to get input from its moviegoers and to reward them with items like popcorn and candy instantly. This initiative has been launched in all of Malco's 34 movie theatres across six states.  

SurveyMe is working with many other movie theatre companies to help them drive sales to concession stands, while also improving the overall customer experience. Moviegoers are given the chance to download the free mobile app and answer a few short questions to earn a reward. 

Lee Evans, CEO of SurveyMe, said, “Malco's commitment to keep guests engaged and delighted goes hand-in-hand with what we offer at SurveyMe. We are thrilled to support their endeavor to listen and bond with their guests.”  

Larry Etter, senior VP of concessions at Malco Theatres, sees value in the feedback obtained by SurveyMe: “This data is compelling and quite extensive and offers a clear vision of what the American audience is contributing and expecting.”  

Malco Theatres is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business that reached its 100th anniversary in 2015. Malco operates over 350 screens at 34 locations across the Mid-South, as well as bowling and family entertainment centers in Louisiana and Mississippi.

SurveyMe allows companies to collect feedback and engage with customers at the point of experience in exchange for marketing coupons that can be used instantly or saved in a digital wallet on the app. Companies of all sizes can craft surveys and distribute them immediately. Within minutes of the initial response, CMOs and brand managers can view feedback and data through a robust analytics dashboard. Businesses can then adapt their business models to meet the needs of their customer base.