Mexican comic convention Conque 2018 relies on Christie projectors

Technology and New Products

Christie was the digital projection partner at Conque 2018, Latin America’s number-one comic and entertainment convention. The event, which just closed its doors in Queretaro City, Mexico, was attended by 30,000 visitors.

Projections for more than 100 artists, 40 hours of presentations and conferences, films, live artists drawing animations and 50 hours of workshops came to life for some of the world’s leading names in comics, animation, cinema, cosplay and other disciplines, via Christie.

All the projections of the event took place at the Teatro Metropolitano, which is equipped with a Christie CP2230 DLP® Cinema projector featuring 33,000 lumens and 2K resolution (upgradeable to 4K), for screens of up to 30 meters. The theatre sits 1,200 spectators and was fitted for the occasion with an 11 x 6-meter screen.

Luis Gantus, founder of Conque and the content director for Conque 2018, said, “We heard nothing but good things about Christie at CinemaCon and at some local events like the Chichén Itzá Light and Sound Show. And the quality and power of the Christie projector lived up to its reputation, giving attendees at Conque 2018 a truly unique experience: brilliant, moving, fun. As a producer, I had never had the opportunity before to present such powerful content."

Gantus continued, “At the exclusive presentation of Universal Pictures, the producer Jason Blum—one of the world’s most important cinema producers—presented the trailer for Halloween 5 in cinema format, with the server handing content ingest and then deleting it after the presentation. Christie got huge kudos from Universal, and several distributors gave us their commitment to bring exclusive material to Conque, once they knew Christie was onboard the event.”

René Franco of Conque stated, “I am deeply grateful for the help and support we got from Christie Mexico’s engineers and executives, and we hope to repeat the experience in the future, driving forward the growth of the comics, cinema, animation and entertainment in Mexico.”