Mobiquity Networks and Screenvision to bring beacons to 300 theatre complexes

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Mobiquity Networks, the largest network of retail mall-based mobile advertising beacons in the United States, announced that it is collaborating with Screenvision to install beacons in 300 theatre complexes to form a movie theatre advertising, data and consumer-engagement network. The deal marks one of the first wide-scale deployments of beacons inside movie theatres.

The growth of technology in modern society has presented opportunities for theatre owners, movie studios and brands to augment the movie theatre experience with interactive games, targeted pre/post-show ads, and other campaigns that can be delivered to mobile devices. The collaboration between Mobiquity Networks and Screenvision will bring beacons to both the lobby areas and individual theatres, and will also leverage Mobiquity Networks’ existing beacon networks in 475+ U.S. shopping malls. Mobiquity will provide the campaign-management platform to administer activity across the network.

The initial beacon installation will include 300 theatre venues and nearly 2,500 screens.The movie theatre-based beacon networks will work both independently and in conjunction with Mobiquity Networks’ retail mall-based beacon network.

Screenvision is a leader in cinema advertising, with a national network extending across approximately 2,300 theatres and 14,200 screens.

“Over the past few months, Mobiquity Networks has formed a number of strategic partnerships that have enabled us to accelerate the growth of our mobile engagement network, and we are thrilled to announce this expansion in the entertainment sector,” said Sean Trepeta, president of Mobiquity Networks. “Screenvision’s strong reputation and expansive footprint make them a perfect partner. This collaboration will usher in an entirely new channel for movie-theatre advertisers to reach their biggest fans.”

In addition to its advertising capabilities, the movie-theatre-based network can provide data on moviegoer profiles, including frequency of visits and use of apps within Mobiquity’s publisher network. This data has the potential to provide attribution for moviegoing to film campaigns delivered via apps. Theatre owners can utilize the network to improve and expand the theatre-visit experience, while movie studios and related brands will be able to utilize the network to deliver location-based mobile campaigns directly to moviegoers. Mobiquity and Screenvision will work together to share this data with both advertisers and exhibitors.

“We saw a great opportunity to leverage proximity-based technologies to further amplify the unrivaled impact of the 40-foot screen. Beacons will help extend that impact for brands and connect them to the consumer journey outside the theatre,” said John McCauley, chief strategic development officer at Screenvision. "Mobiquity Networks has built considerable scale with a growing app publisher network, and is known for its commitment to protecting the consumer experience. They are an industry leader and we’re proud to collaborate with them as part of our marketplace solutions.”