MoviePass and Flix Brewhouse announce partnership

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Movie theatre subscription service MoviePass announced a partnership with Flix Brewhouse, the nation’s only cinema circuit that pairs full-service in-theatre dining with a craft brewery at every location.

As of the time of the announcement of the partnership, MoviePass is fully integrated into the POS ticketing systems at all Flix Brewhouse theatres. MoviePass members can now use the service at Flix Brewhouses for additional benefits and features, including e-ticketing, in-app reserved seat selection and advance screening booking.

Launched in 2011, Flix Brewhouse is based in Round Rock, Texas and operates locations there as well as in Iowa, Indiana, New Mexico, and the DFW metroplex, which is expected to open this month.

“Like MoviePass, Flix Brewhouse is a progressive, tech-forward company and we’re thrilled they’ve decided to partner with us as we continue to gain ground in improving the theatre-going experience,” said Bernadette McCabe, senior VP of exhibitor relations and business strategy at MoviePass. “We love the in-house brewery and dining model they’ve pioneered, as it perfectly aligns with our mission to revamp the conventional approach of going to the movies.”

“Flix Brewhouse is bullish on the long-term future of experiential out-of-home entertainment, and we’re excited to work with the like-minded professionals at MoviePass to add more value to moviegoing,” stated Flix CEO Allan Reagan. “Our early result piloting full POS integrations with MoviePass has been a measurable uplift in same-store box-office revenues compared to industry averages.”

MoviePass currently has over two million members nationwide. With additional theatres opening in Madison, Wisconsin and suburban Phoenix later this year, Flix Brewhouse expects total 2018 attendance of approximately two million, including MoviePass members. Flix recently announced a $26 million equity investment, which it expects will fuel growth to 11 locations and 95 screens by the end of 2019.