MoviePass joins forces with Vista Group to enhance subscription service

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MoviePass, the theatrical subscription service, announced a strategic collaboration with Vista Group International. Vista company Vista Entertainment Solutions (VES) is the leading global provider of cinema-management software solutions, servicing 12,000 screens, representing more than 40% of the U.S. market. The new pact will allow theatre owners and chains nationwide that use the VES ticketing system to take advantage of full API integration with MoviePass’ growing subscription service.

By integrating MoviePass directly into the VES ticketing software, participating theatres will be able to offer MoviePass members enhanced features and new capabilities on mobile devices. These features include:

* E-ticketing, seat selection and advance purchase capabilities directly from a subscriber’s mobile phone. This integration also provides exhibitors with more granular data, complete with an analytics dashboard to see frequency of use at specific locations as well as valuable demographic information on moviegoers.

* The ability to invite friends—both MoviePass and non-MoviePass members.

* The option to purchase food and beverage items directly via the app for a cashless transaction.

* Direct integration into an exhibitor’s loyalty program.

“We have seen the data and firmly believe in the future of subscription in the theatrical space. The model brings enormous benefits for exhibitors, distributors and moviegoers alike, and with our collaboration with MoviePass, we will be working alongside them to help bring this concept to mainstream adoption,” said Derek Forbes, chief operating officer at Vista. “MoviePass was the early pioneer in this space and we believe that it will play a critical role in changing how the next generation of consumers go to the movies.”

MoviePass reports that exhibitors integrated with its program have shown a 100% lift in attendance behavior, 123% lift in concession spend and 50% lift in midweek attendance at theatres. Seventy-five percent of MoviePass’ user base is under the age of 35.

“As we embark on our next phase of growth, we couldn’t be more excited about collaborating with an organization such as Vista Entertainment Solutions,” said Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass. “Today’s joint announcement will be a major step forward in reinventing the theatrical experience for every part of the food chain. In combination with MoviePass’ attractive pricing plans and compelling market drivers for exhibitors, studios, concession providers and other partners, we believe Vista will be a significant distribution platform that will allow us to catalyze the theatrical space. We are confident that our aligned incentives will lead to a long and profitable relationship with Vista. Not only does our data show that MoviePass members go to the movies twice as often, but they also increase attendance to lower-profile films, which often lack the marketing budgets of the big blockbusters.”