National CineMedia signs data licensing pact with Movio

Technology and New Products

National CineMedia (NCM) signed a long-term data-licensing agreement with Movio, global leader in marketing data, analysis, insights and campaign creation and management for theatrical exhibitors, studios and film distributors. NCM is the first licensed user for Movio’s “Movio Media” market-research platform, which provides unique insights into U.S. moviegoers’ behavior.

Movio Media aggregates real-time transactional and behavioral moviegoing data to provide the film industry with comprehensive market data, crucial audience insights and innovative campaign solutions. Based on over 19 million avid moviegoers represented within Movio Media, the Movio data sciences team profiled the largest sample of a typical U.S. moviegoing audience according to standard industry demographic profiles to create an accurate real-time film market-research platform in the United States. The newly released iteration of the Movio Media platform will allow for enhanced audience analysis across NCM’s national theatre audience that views the FirstLook pre-show. NCM’s network is the largest in-theatre network in the U.S. with approximately 20,150 movie screens in approximately 1,600 theatres.

“As the media industry becomes increasingly data-driven, NCM is changing the dynamics of reaching cinema audiences through better data,” said Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing with NCM. “With this new relationship with Movio and their Movio Media data platform, we can now fuse consumer, lifestyle and brand-usage data to help our advertising clients be even smarter about the way they use cinema to reach their marketing goals. It allows NCM to begin to provide media buyers with even more information about who is watching NCM’s FirstLook.”

“This agreement is a crucial milestone in Movio’s leadership role in data analytics for the film industry and recognizes our expertise in, and value to, the North American film market,” stated Will Palmer, Movio’s chief executive and co-founder. “As ‘America’s Movie Network,’ NCM’s endorsement of Movio Media is a game-changer for us and validates our core belief that data analytics are no longer a ‘luxury’ add-on to a marketing campaign but rather the indispensable direct link to the moviegoer. This agreement validates the necessity for vital and robust behavioral and transactional data for the film industry.”

“More than 700 million moviegoers are watching NCM’s FirstLook pre-shows in North American theatres,” Palmer added. “To be in business with such like-minded industry leaders as the talented group at NCM is a tremendous privilege.”

Movio also announced the signature of VOX Cinemas, the largest and fastest-growing cinema exhibitor in the Middle East, for its Movio Cinema platform. VOX Cinemas, a brand owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas, will use Movio Cinema to further develop and boost its loyalty program.