NEC Display Solutions offers three-year warranty on all lamp-based projectors

Technology and New Products

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. announced that it will offer a three-year warranty on all lamp-based projectors purchased after Jan. 1, 2018.

The new warranty plan extends coverage from two years to three years for models in the VE, V, U, UM, and M Short Throw series. A three-year warranty already covers projectors in NEC’s other lamp-based projector series, and a five-year warranty covers all NEC laser projectors.

“Making the length of the warranties for our lamp-based projectors uniform not only simplifies our warranty program, it also provides our customers greater value and increased peace of mind,” said Ryan Pitterle, product manager at NEC Display Solutions. “We always aim to provide the highest level of support for our customers, and the quality engineering and robust build of our entire line of projectors gives us the confidence to offer projector warranties that are among the best—and, in some cases, the best—in the industry.”

As an added benefit, the lengthened warranty term for these five projector series also extends the coverage of InstaCare, NEC’s Advanced Replacement Program, to three years. For the life of the warranty, NEC’s repair-or-replace program offers customers who experience a projector issue that cannot be resolved the choice of either free repair-and-return within three business days or free next-day exchange.

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