New Barco manufacturing facility increases production efficiency

Technology and New Products

The sales, service and marketing teams from Cinionic—Barco’s new cinema joint venture—have been brought together with Barco’s cinema manufacturing and engineering departments at one location in Kortrijk, Belgium.

At “The Engine,” Barco builds its cinema projectors, lamp-based but primarily laser illumination-based. The different laser technologies like RGB and laser phosphor are manufactured, assembled and tuned there to match the best light performance possible. This includes the laser retrofit engines that allow exhibitors to upgrade their lamp projectors with smart laser technology.

Bringing 250 people to Barco’s One Campus in Kortrijk, the production facility covers 15,000 square meters (161,458.66 sq. ft.) in total, including 1,500-square-meter (16,145.87 sq. ft.) clean rooms to prevent contamination of the DLP cinema chips. The new flow shortens production lines as the different steps are brought closer to each other. 

“Thanks to ‘The Engine,’ we are ready for the upcoming demand, bringing the next wave of cinema technology to our exhibitors to deliver at their request. The close cooperation between engineering and manufacturing at the new facility results in better products,” said Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinionic.

“The new site, and accompanying infrastructure, is a major step up of our manufacturing capabilities and helps us respond quickly to new market trends,” said Filip Deruijck, Barco’s VP of Belgian operations. “The design of the manufacturing floor, for example, is flexible and multifunctional. Through automation and innovation, we can shorten lead times and increase production. It’s how we can keep delivery times short and produce cost-effectively.”