New products and technologies at ShowEast 2018

Technology and New Products

EXPO 2018, the ShowEast tradeshow, kicks off Tuesday morning, Oct. 23, and runs through 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Americana Ballrooms in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Here are some of the new products and technologies you’ll find on display.

Adaptive Technologies Group
LED display prices are falling and in use everywhere. Exhibitors are exploring advantages to installing Direct View Cinema LED in place of traditional projector/screen technology. Hi-Res LED panels deliver a mind-blowing visual experience and require an equally amazing precision framing system to display them. Adaptive Technologies Group has produced such precision-engineered LED framing systems for years.
Introducing Adaptive’s GridMaster™ LED video wall frames, an easy-to-install precision framing system that provides service access, accommodates loudspeakers and is made specifically for Direct View cinema auditoriums. GridMaster accommodates any LED tile and in any configuration, providing a crystal-clear Direct View picture. Learn more at ShowEast booth 206. (

Camatic Seating
The Valencia Front Pivot™ cinema recliner offers the ultimate in comfort. It combines the benefits of the Valencia Low Line with the added ability to independently pivot the whole recliner from a front pivot point. To maintain optimal ergonomics of back and seat which does not alter during the recliner cycle. The reclined envelope is standard at 1470mm (58”), but this can vary with project requirements.
Features include lowline seat height, heavy-duty recliner mechanisms, heavy-duty foot extension, and safety footrest, removing any chance of entrapment injury. The range of upholstery details includes stitch options and two standard back upholstery finishes, with a range of faux, leather and fabrics, Seat, back covers and arm pads are removable, and the chair offers easy access for under-seat cleaning. Visit Camatic Seating at booth 301. (

CES Plus/Cielo
Cielo unveils version 5.8 Automation, by far the most ambitious release of the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Cielo Rescue automation will save a failed show for you by going through a series of automated functions along with a series of checks and balances to make lost shows a thing of the past. Cielo is in over 11,000 screens worldwide and integrated on over 20,000 devices and growing. See a demo at ShowEast Poinciana suite 1. (

Christie Digital Systems
With the Christie CP2315-RGB and CP2320-RGB, you can offer customers a level of image quality not possible anywhere else. By combining 2K resolution, an expanded color gamut, and contrast ratio of 3000:1 (ANSI contrast of 1000:1) that far exceeds the DCI specification, the CP2315-RGB and CP2320-RGB reveal a whole new depth of detail.  
The affordable 2K cinema projectors with Christie RealLaser™ are here. With Christie RealLaser you benefit from more than 30,000 hours of optimal performance before dropping to 80% original brightness. Featuring all-new patented sealed optical path, Christie RealLaser provides unmatched long-term stability and reliability. Visit Christie at booth 110 and Poinciana 2. (

Cinionic introduces Barco High Contrast Laser projectors, which deliver stunning images on smaller screens. Based on Barco’s Smart Laser platform, these models are highly efficient and cost-effective, overcoming typical challenges of creating high-contrast movie images for smaller screens. An excellent value proposition for exhibitors, they feature consistent laser image quality, native 4K resolution, enhanced ANSI and native contrast, proven DLP technology, and long lifetime. The Barco DP4K-13BLPHC (11,500 lumens) is ideally suited to small- to mid-size screens and the Barco DP4K-18BLPHC (16,000 lumens) is designed for mid-size screens. Learn more at ShowEast at Loews Hotel Level 3 MR Periwinkle. (

C. Cretors & Company
Say goodbye to dried-out pizza! C. Cretors and Company’s pizza warmer, constructed from heavy-duty #304 stainless steel, offers consistent product warming and humidification. The programmable digital-control maintains desired temperature and humidity levels while the recirculating air system keeps product fresh. An indicator light alerts the operator to low water levels. The base of the cabinet holds a removable, slide-out water tray with splash-guard that provides six to eight hours of humidification with three quarts of water. A separate clean-out tray catches crumbs for easy cleanup. The removable rotating rack with automatic shut-off holds up to four 14” pizzas. And the best part is, all this plugs into a standard 15-amp outlet. Visit Cretors at booth 207. (

The advanced, high-density design of the Dolby multichannel amplifier can replace up to 16 stereo amplifiers, using less space and producing less heat, to lower your overall costs. With less equipment to install, power and maintain, you get a simpler and more efficient installation. Available in three configurations, 16, 24 or 32 channels.
The 16- and 24-channel configurations now support Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Audio™ 5.1/7.1 via analog inputs, provide internal crossovers, and include enhanced power handling for lower-impedance loudspeakers. Come see it in the Venus meeting room! (

Encore Performance Seating
Encore Performance Seating worked with a customer to develop an innovative product aimed at filling the front-row seats in theatres. The Snuggle Lounger is the perfect option for the front row, offering a special, intimate moviegoing experience. Pair this great loveseat option with an ottoman to provide your guests with comfort, while filling the front row. The addition of a fixed or removable table helps drive revenue growth for theatres to support in-seat dining. Encore offers various options, sources the finest materials, and provides a comprehensive warranty with exceptional customer service and ongoing support. Try out the Snuggle Lounger at booth 410. (

Let us help bring your vision to life with the inclusion of wood light boxes within your theatre! These additions are perfect for your dining space, entranceways and hallways, as well as inside your auditorium. This is the perfect way to add the beauty and elegance of wood in a unique and completely customizable design. For more information, come by and see EOMAC at booth 211. (

First Class Seating
A Movie and Massage: Going to the movies can now feel like a trip to the spa. New massage and heat options take Bliss’ comfort to the next level. Moviegoers can indulge in luxurious comfort with eight massage zones in the seat and back and four modes of control. Add heat to the seat, recline and snuggle in.
Bliss’ inherent design replaces the ubiquitous scissor mechanism with two kinematic motors. Users feel uninterrupted body support during recline, a sense that they are floating, defying gravity yet perfectly balanced while keeping their eyes aligned with the screen. Bliss Zero from First Class Seating: more Blissful. Experience Bliss at booth 405. (

Flexound Augmented Audio
Flexound Augmented Audio™ combines high-quality audio with physical vibration, creating a unique immersive experience. It adds high value to your cinema offering and can easily be integrated into a range of seats.
The proven technology is already in use in selected pilot cinemas to a great response from both operators and audiences. Flexound Augmented Audio is also available for auditoriums, museums, live theatre, concert arenas and any other venue with a seated audience. Visit Flexound at booth 107. (

GDC Technology
Save thousands when you replace your cinema servers with GDC SR-1000 Standalone IMBTM. SR-1000 is a digital cinema media server designed for near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership:
* With CineCache (built-in cache memory), content playback can be performed without local HDD storage.
* Ultra Storage technology enables the playback of over 1,000 movies when combined with Cinema Automation CA2.0
* Seamless integration with series 1, 2 and 3 projectors including Barco, Christie and NEC ensures reliable and secure content delivery
To find out more about GDC’s limited-time offer, visit then at Triton Meeting Room, 3rd level, during ShowEast 2018 or contact

Gold Medal Products
Introducing the Hot Diggity Pro Series! Grill up hot dogs with professional style and unbeatable performance. This stainless-steel roller grill series from Gold Medal comes in three sizes: compact, standard,and large. Features include:
* Convenient foot spacers for flat or angled presentation
* Improved seal between roller and cabinet
* Heat and serve with 10 rollers divided into front and rear heat zones
* Front or rear counter serving
* Stainless-steel drip tray making cleanup easy
* Option to add food shields and bun cabinets to complete your setup
For all your concession needs, rely on Gold Medal to deliver snacks, smiles and success. Visit them at booth 300. (

Based on the HONY3D-T triple-beam 3D system, HONY3D-T-Laser is optimized for RGB laser light sources and effectively improves the horizontal color-stripe problem. At the same time, it inherits the high efficiency, low crosstalk and excellent color reproduction of HONY3D-T for perfect image alignment and picture clarity and long-term image stability. This high-efficiency 3D solution optimizes the compatibility of RGB lasers to effectively solve the problem of horizontal cross-hatch stripes for RGB laser, 6P and 9P laser projectors. Learn more at booth 215. (

Inorca Seating
The sensory overload in a front row is exactly what makes the zone so appealing, so why not make it more comfortable? Increased sales, better sightlines, appealing love-seat configurations, design and comfort are the strengths of Inorca’s latest releases. Features include deluxe upholstery with the widest selection of stitching designs, lightened numbering and lettering, exchangeable embroidered numbers, privacy panels and much more. Visit Inorca at booth 310. (

Irwin Seating Company
Irwin Seating Company, leader in seating solutions for the cinema industry, is pleased to showcase ZG4, the latest Spectrum Recliner Luxury model. This version features a new seat module that offers exceptional comfort with a deep cushioned ride. This seat works in conjunction with a new proprietary recliner mechanism for smooth motion. Early screenings of ZG4 have led to rave reviews as patrons find their optimum personalized comfort and viewing position. Spectrum ZG4 provides more recline than previous models, enhanced comfort and unmatched operational imperatives only offered by Irwin Seating. For additional information, call (866) 464-7946 or stop by ShowEast booth 210. (

Jack Roe USA
Following three years of extensive development and the completion of JACRO's purchase of, JACRO launches its new look and fully responsive cinema websites at Showeast 2018! Visit booth 400 on the tradeshow floor and see how easily you can be up and running with an all-inclusive cinema IT package, boasting a full-featured film booking and rental module, a new customer-facing website, native Android and iPhone apps, and easily accessible and meaningful online data, all protected online with another industry-first from cinema's most innovative PoS provider, two-factor authentication. Film bookers love TaPoS—visit booth 400 to find out why. (

Mars Wrigley Confectionery
M&M’s® is bringing back a Peanut Flavor Vote with a new and engaging theme: “Around the World with M&M’s.” New flavor choices are English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeño Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut. Leverage the Flavor Vote with an international theme to drive cultural relevancy with Millennials, since Millennials are regularly on the search for the next big thing and view global flavors as must-try items. Voters have a chance to win a trip. Flavor Vote 2016 grew the core by 4%, and 3.4% of vote volume came from new chocolate buyers. Learn more at booth 201. (

The most advanced technology and comfort merged in one seat: Dreamer Rocker combines the excellence of our rocker devices and the gorgeous comfort of a luxury recliner, making the investment much lower while still keeping the look of your theatre as beautiful as having full recliner seats in house.
Built tough! The prime quality steel and wood frames give Dreamer a long life and will keep your investment secure. Try out the Dreamer Rocker at booth 202. (

Launched by NAGRA in 2018, myCinema™ is an innovative new solution, providing an online marketplace that brings together content creators, cinema owners and movie lovers. The myCinema team at NAGRA continues to assemble a large selection of content: live music, Broadway, e-sports events, opera, ballet, sporting events, as well as classic and independent films from a variety of genres. We are assembling a growing library of diverse and outstanding entertainment content that will appeal uniquely to local fandoms and diverse niche communities. Learn more about taking control of your cinema and programing your screens more proactively at, or visit NAGRA at the Boardroom meeting room.

Omniterm Data Technology
Omni Usher Point is a new mobile application designed to streamline the verification process of online ticket purchases. It’s the next step in providing your customers with a method of bypassing box-office lines and presenting their online purchases directly at the Usher Stand. The application utilizes standard Android devices and provides theatre personnel with visual and audio feedback during the retrieval and verification process. This solution provides the ideal environment for theatres wishing to reduce or eliminate the paper-ticket entry method. For customers who still want the tickets(s) printed, the app prints to a full-size Bluetooth printer. See Usher Point at booth 307. (

POSitive Cinema
POSitive Cinema is proud to introduce to you our brand new Cinema Assistant App. We designed this solution as a tool for optimizing work and improving productivity in your cinema circuit. Cinema Assistant App will help you in following areas: Ticketing, Ticket Control, Dine-In and Restaurant Ordering. Thanks to this app, your employees have a new way to sell and check tickets, concessions, restaurant products and all services available, all at the palm of their hand. Cinema Assistant App offers efficiency and customer-service improvement at every possible step. Learn more at booth 404. (

The QSC CMS-5000 is a next-generation cinema media server that features onboard, solid-state storage, exceptionally fast high-speed DCP ingest, dual HDMI 2.0 ports for alternate content, and native support for Q-SYS, QSC’s network platform for integrated sound, picture, and control. It is capable of JPEG 2000 DCI content playback at 2k 2D up to 60 frames per second, and 4k 3D up to 30 frames per second. The CMS-5000 also supports DTS:X (64 channels) and Atmos immersive sound formats.
As part of the Q-SYS ecosystem, the CMS-5000 in Q-SYS Designer software appears as a component, providing full system interconnection, audio channel routing, status monitoring, and control. See the CMS-5000 at booth 311. (

Ready Theatre Systems
The most cost-effective hardware option yet, the SP 5514 is designed to optimize workflow with a sleek, small footprint. The unit will arrive at your location with RTS installed and configured to your server. Contact our sales department for pricing and ordering information at (865) 212-9703 or visit ShowEast booth 509. (

Severtson Corp.
Severtson’s new SēVision 3D GX-WA projection coating technology can be folded like all Severtson high-performance and SAT-4K screens, even for silver-coated screens that previously would be difficult or impossible to fold without damage. This allows it to be transported in a smaller crate and at a fraction of the cost worldwide. The GX-WA coating provides the benefits of standard SēVision 3D GX coatings, but offers increased uniformity and brightness typically seen more often on 2D white screens. It is also engineered specifically to increase the viewing angle over standard silver screens while also reducing hotspotting. Learn more at booth 214. (

TFX Products
TFX Clean Sweep™ is a key-switch-activated wireless controller solution offering the lowest-cost option for implementing “all open” and “all close” features in recliner chairs. TFX Clean Sweep can easily be retrofitted to any recliners via a five-pin motor connection and is very simple to operate. The TFX Clean Sweep functions on the reliable 433 MHz signal and can be paired with over 1,000 chairs via one remote. Each unit comes paired, making installation quick and easy. See Clean Sweep at booth 402. (

VIP Cinema Seating
Intelligent design takes the next logical step in VIP’s newest innovations involving smart technology and modular design options. The company that pioneered the concept of luxury cinema seating now leads the way with new customization options, ensuring not only the utmost comfort and convenience for cinema-goers but also maximum exhibitor profitability. Three new series lines—the Avalon, Bravo and Matrix series—allow exhibitors to select their most strategic level of investment, while offering seating that innovates even beyond luxurious comfort. Come see us at ShowEast booth 501 or visit