New products on display at CineEurope 2017

Technology and New Products

FJI highlights some of the new products and technologies that will be unveiled at the annual CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain. The trade show runs from 11:00 am on Tuesday, June 20 through 12 noon on Thursday, June 22 at the Centre Convencions Internacional.


Boothless cinema ventilation unit (BCVU) is designed for perfect ventilation of the projector inside the lift, regardless of the cinema’s central ventilation capacity. Its small size allows for installation over or near the lift, in the false ceiling void, and its special acoustic box eliminates noise transferred to the auditorium. The built-in air filter extends the working life of the projector. Separate BCVUs for each projector reduce the risk of malfunctions of the ventilation system and optimize performance. BCVU means smaller investment costs and lower energy consumption. Learn more at Arttech’s booth 713. (


Ascender’s new Scarlett chair is a premium solution for your cinema hall. Its dimensions make this chair unique: 115 cm high with 56 cm of real back cushion, resulting in seat centers of 60 cm and over. The Scarlett also features a large curved headrest ergonomically integrated into the back cushion. The chair is available in different colors and textiles. Visit Ascender at booth 735. (


Designed for large to midsize movie screens, Barco’s new DP4K-32BLP Smart Laser projector delivers consistent, razor-sharp, high-contrast images with native 4K resolution and 33,000 lumens brightness. The DP4K-32BLP cuts operating expenses, reduces operational complexity and optimizes labor cost. It increases uptime and frees you from all lamp-related costs and maintenance. Your electricity and exhaust costs are reduced due to lower power consumption compared to lamp alternatives. You benefit from an attractive TCO thanks to its 30,000-hour constant brightness and significantly higher optical efficiency. See the DP4K-32BLP in Suite A. (


Caloi presents its new cinema seating, the Anteo, designed by architect Riccardo Rocco in collaboration with their technical department (the same team that developed Caloi’s top-selling model Eliseo). The Anteo’s tip-up seat and the wooden shell make it adaptable to a range of auditoriums. The model, 100 percent made in Italy, comes in a variety of upholstery. All components are fire-resistant and tested to EN norms. Visit Caloi at booth 618. (


Camatic’s new Valencia motion chair offers the sumptuous comfort of their range-topping chair specifically adapted for restricted row spacing. Its envelope can be configured as low as 1150 mm (46.5 inches) and be positioned against a wall to maximize all available space. There is no rearward movement of the backrest upon recline; the Valencia’s unique action gently moves both seat and back when the footrest is raised. The chair can be reconfigured on-site to one of four settings to maximize recline. Try out the Valencia at booth 406. (


The Cineappo X33-B2/4-32B laser-lighting source-projection solution from CFEC, built upon two-color laser-phosphor technology, offers a brightness of 35,000 lumens and steady light output that ensures 80 percent of the initial luminance throughout its long service life of seven to eight years. The solution enables a colorful and native speckle-free picture that delivers a consistent visual experiences in large theatres. Its ability to operate up to 30,000 hours without bulb replacement helps minimize costs. Stop by suite E to learn more. (


The Christie CP2308 is a full-featured, Series 3, DCI-compliant projector that offers small-screen exhibitors an advanced yet affordable digital cinema option. Producing up to 9,000 lumens, the Xenon-illuminated CP2308 displays realistic colors and gradients for an immersive experience. Fully compatible with third-party IMBs, the CP2308 features a built-in expansion card slot, has 3D capabilities and is available with high frame-rate technology. It supports various performance, control and connection add-ons for a flexible, future-proofed solution with low cost of ownership.

The Vive Audio SD Sigma Delta amplifier, featured at CineEurope, boasts enhanced audio performance, simplified setup and calibration and, most importantly, an expansion slot on the front panel that enables installation of optional cards, including support for network control and monitoring. The product also has digital audio input capability that uses open-standard AES67 for audio over IP and audio over ethernet interoperability. Input level controls provide unity gain structure when set fully clockwise. The SD Series will be available in 2-, 4- and 8-channel versions. Visit Christie in suite D. (


Cine Project presents the latest evolution in cinema: full-motion seating by MediaMation. MediaMation is an interactive technology integrator and worldwide producer of 4D, immersive-motion EFX theatre seating and entertainment systems. it programs movies by matching action sequences to special effects and motion you feel in the theatre. Learn more at booth 623. (


Cinema Intelligence is unveiling its new booking optimization solution. The decision-support tool makes it simple for your team to understand the monetary impact of potential booking decisions in real time—while negotiating with distributors. Your team can significantly increase box-office revenue by leveraging predictive data rather than past data to select the optimal mix of new releases and holdovers at every location. Stop by booth 206 to learn more about booking optimization. (


At CineEurope, CinemaNext opens up new worlds for audiences with the ultimate premium cinema experience. The Sphera concept can play host to any type of content, giving you complete flexibility over what you show and when. They have obsessed over every detail to create auditoria that set a new benchmark in premium format. Film, arts, gaming, events and concerts are all delivered with the sharpest picture and the deepest bass, in perfect comfort. Lovingly designed, these spaces can transport audiences to a ringside seat, suspend reality, expand horizons or become a place to get together for talks and events.

EclairColor is a new digital high-dynamic-range color technology that combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection system technologies readily available on the market. Brighter, sharper, with more depth of field, more density and more detail, the images produced with EclairColor technology have more contrast and greater fidelity, better reflecting the photography initially intended by the film’s creative team. Twenty-six films have been released in EclairColor to date, including Lionsgate’s Oscar-winning La La Land.

Eclair presents EclairPlay, a brand-new platform connecting exhibitors and content owners, building upon the acknowledged international success of the current CineConductor. From extended content search options, inspiring movie collections (special themed selections),direct access to complete publicity material kits, and exhaustive programming and content ordering tools—all available from desktop, tablet or smartphone devices within a cross-country, intuitive experience—EclairPlay is the all-in-one platform that will help exhibitors build passion and results for their businesses, and help content owners build brand and content awareness among cinema professionals. Learn more at booth 313. (


Cinemeccanica announces the LUX 15K, the smart RGB laser specifically designed for smaller screens. With this laser, the company extends the suite of products dedicated to illuminate Barco, Christie and NEC projectors and grants all scalable solutions for any cinema need. Cinemeccanica is also announcing the evolution of own cinema server: Cinecloud Streamer will improve performance in multiplexes, managing in real time the video content and the new functionalities required by cinemas of the future. Visit them at booth 527. (


With the addition of the new seat movement Sway & Twist, 4DX now has the capability for 170 degrees of motion (previously 40 degrees), including simultaneous up-and-down, right, left and rotational movements, creating a dynamic experience for action-packed scenes from car chases to rolling seas to spacewalking. The new motions will be available in early 2018. Visit CJ 4DPLEX in meeting room 122. (


Coke’s Freestyle delivers the ultimate personalized soft drink experience, leveraging breakthrough technology, micro-dosing, and digital connectivity. Intrigued? Why not prepare your own unique Freestyle drink at the CineEurope Coca-Cola Lounge? (


Along with their partner Smart Pricer, Compeso has developed advanced algorithm technology to create smartPricing, the latest fully automated pricing software for the cinema industry. Thanks to the complete data SmartPricing generates, cinema managers can focus on setting the most profitable price strategies for their cinemas. Customers also benefit from the easy integration of SmartPricing with WinTICKET, Compeso’s main software. To learn more, visit booth 222. (


Cretors’ Poppi XL is a compact industrial counter model that air-pops popcorn. Since no oil is used in the process, food costs are reduced and finished product shelf life is increased. It’s a healthier alternative with less mess and minimal cleanup. Poppi XL has a 24-oz. hot-air popping capacity (twice the capacity of the original Poppi) with an approximate three-minute pop cycle. The easy access motor with adjustable speed and digital temperature control creates optimal airflow for popping a variety of hybrid popcorn. Compact, easy to use, versatile and powerful, Poppi XL is at the forefront of popping innovation. See it at booth 607. (


An innovative imaging server and audio processor in one, the new Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000 delivers reliability and enables you to show movies with superior sound. The Dolby IMS3000 increases your purchasing power compared to many other solutions. And you have flexibility with sound: Start with Dolby Audio™ 5.1 or 7.1 sound now, and unlock the power of Dolby Atmos® later. The Dolby IMS3000’s unified UI and simplified design make setup and operation more convenient and cost-effective, helping you deliver a cinema experience that audiences will love. Learn more in suite B. (


The new Encore by Palliser C8 luxury theatre seat provides moviegoers with another level of comfort. In addition to using a power recline function, guests can adjust the power headrest for the perfect sightline. The C8 offers whisper-quiet and smooth operation from a single dual-function LED switch. The seat features wood arm accent and easy-clean upholstery, along with optional aisle- and seat-number lighting and optional dining tables. Encore by Palliser power recline theatre seating is made in North America. Try out the C8 at booth 423. (


Design your space with the warmth, elegance and uniqueness that is eomac acoustic wood. eomac wood-veneered wall and ceiling panels absorb sound energy through various groove or perforation patterns and blade or plank configurations. Each panel type has been independently tested to verify acoustic performance. The view side of panels is finished with a top-quality, hand-selected wood veneer (with over 40 wood species in stock), finished in a premium clear lacquer over a three-stage process, ensuring durability designed for high-traffic areas. eomac is also an environmentally responsible choice: eomac wood panels are manufactured only from veneer originating from controlled reforestation areas. Approximately 1,000 square meters of panels are produced from just one cubic meter of wood. For more information and product highlights, visit booth 417 (


Euroseating’s new Rubi H V09 cinema seat, an affordable combination of softness and ergonomics, uses no electric motors and requires no maintenance and is easily adapted to any cinema hall, with or without drop. Euroseating makes customer service a priority. Visit them at booth 312. (


Opus is the most comfortable chair Ferco has ever made. What makes this recliner so special is the shape of the seat and back, which literally embrace you and gives your body support in all the right places. This economical reclining solution operates without electrical motors or controls; the back and headrest are made from foam and fibers, and as you lean back the chair intuitively glides into a reclined position. The innovative sliding design allows for a superior seating position, which provides total relaxation. Don’t just take their word for it, come try it at booth 217. (


Figueras International Seating offers solutions for premium and VIP cinemas, including its latest seat, the Riva, an elegant and compact model designed to increase capacity by 30 percent more than conventional VIP models. The new model features a “love seat” option for privacy. Test Figueras’ new cleaning system, which enables groups of seats to be moved with less effort, and view new Figueras fabrics at booth 201. (


Forum Seating’s Montgomery line offers comfort, quality workmanship, timeless design and choice of finishes, fittings and dimensions. The Swing model is equipped with revolutionary kinematics technology for comfortable back support. The Highline model is equipped with an automatic extendable footrest. The patented Glide-Tec mechanism of the GT model features intuitive synchronous seat and backrest adjustment calibrated to a guest’s weight. Visit then at booth 226. (


Leading cinema screen technology company Galalite recently unveiled its marketing campaign for 2017, “Screen of Tomorrow.” The campaign focuses on one of the main components of Galalite’s success—“futuristic innovation,” and how it is changing the future of cinematic storytelling for the entire industry. One of the major elements of the campaign is their new generation of cinema screens: “Mirage,” future-ready technology tailored for high definition and technologically advanced digital content.

Mirage screens use Galalite’s fourth-generation screen technology to provide a wide viewing angle, greater uniformity and improved color and contrast. These screens are designed for use in all cinemas with 3D systems employing polarized light. While designed for 3D, the surface type also supports 2D pictures, thereby giving a viewing experience similar to that of a conventional white screen. The material and coating of the screen have a special formulation and specification to give it a seamless finish for superior picture quality. Visit Galalite at booth 604. (


Golden Link continues its tradition of innovation with the worldwide launch of its newest product tied to Warner Bros.’ fall blockbuster Justice League—hexagon-shaped movie-graphic bottles and popcorn tins. To find out more about Golden Link’s new line (sure to bring “justice” to your drink and popcorn sales and put them into a new “league”), and to see the full range of their high-quality promotions and concessions, visit booth 427. (


Want to reach all potential cinemagoers for your theatres, including international guests and those with sight or hearing loss? Greta & Starks’ Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes possible individual, clear projection of subtitles directly onto the screen in any language. Stop by booth 715 to learn more about this exciting innovation. (


HCBL 3D, a leading 3D manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, returns to CineEurope with breakthrough 3D technology—its CH600 NEW triple-beam technology reaches up to 35 percent light efficiency. Main features include precision gamma correction, less than one percent crosstalk and complete ownership. Learn more about this premium 3D viewing experience at booth 605. (


HONY3D-T, a circular passive 3D system with triple-beam technology, employs achromatic liquid-crystal devices to achieve higher light efficiency and accurate gamma correction, thus providing brighter and clearer images for audiences. The HONY3D-T can be adapted for 2K and 4K projectors and features 35 percent light efficiency; one percent crosstalk ratio; low throw ratio with 1.2:1; and single-pixel coincidence. It requires no external power supply or cooling fan. The HONY3D-S passive 3D modulator with heat-resistant technology can withstand intense light over 32,000 lumens (50,000 lumens for laser projection). Learn about these systems plus the HONY3D passive 3D cinema system and passive 3D glasses at booth 725. (


The ICEE multiflavor carbonated frozen beverage dispenser encourages consumers to create their own custom ICEE. The dispenser features an easy-to-operate touchscreen pad that allows consumers to mix four infusion flavors with the push of a button. Bag-in-the-box concentrate and flavor shot supply are contained in a safe, sanitary, completely sealed system, offering the smallest footprint in the industry and a product particularly appealing to Millennials. Visit booth 729. (


JACRO is proud to introduce cloud ticketing from a fully featured POS. Added to the suite of JACRO TaPoS features: Wordpress integration; TMS data integration; food and beverage module; party and playroom software; purchase ordering; staff scheduling; mobile apps; websites. Learn more at booth 400. (


Introducing coconut and chia popcorn, the newest addition to Joe & Seph’s award-winning gourmet popcorn range. Enjoy their signature smooth caramel infused with desiccated coconut, followed by a generous sprinkling of crunchy chia seeds. Stop by CineEurope booth 812. (


KCS’s new innovation in cinema speakers, the TC-12 and TC-14, allows fast and easy installation of immersive speakers on a ceiling or as surround speakers on wall brackets. Kelonik is also introducing a child booster seat in a variety colors at competitive pricing. For more information, visit booth 426. (


Krix has developed a new series of high-powered, shallow-profile, cost-effective three-way screen loudspeakers that suit rooms up to 24 meters in depth. The KX-5300 Series features a single-molded MF and HF constant-directivity horn arranged in a flat baffle format, while the LF enclosures incorporate Asymmetrical Split X bracing technology that was designed using FEA cabinet vibrational analysis in collaboration with the University of Adelaide. The KX-5300 Series offers Krix’s renowned precision coverage, flat-frequency response, ultra-low distortion and spectacular dynamic range achieved from the Krix-patented precision horn technology. Visit booth 123. (


Leadcom’s TAJ model incorporates a luxuriously plush lounger back function that provides a personalized, ultra-comfortable feel. Its complete lounger motions, featuring both seat and back stretching functions, accommodate a multitude of seating positions. Standard features include polypropylene outerback; lounger back with molded foam and headrest design; PU leather upholstered fixed seat; and polypropylene arm with deluxe upholstered padding. Fixed-back models are available. See the TAJ model at booth 235. (


LightVibes® immersive cinema lighting transforms the cinema experience by delivering compelling video and lighting effects to every viewer’s peripheral field of vision, intensifying the viewing experience. No matter what an audience watches, LightVibes assures viewers will “be part of it.” Learn more about LightVibes immersive cinema lighting at booth 407. (


Optimize your weekly cinema work schedule in less than 15 minutes with POSitive Staff Scheduler, a native part of the POSitive Cinema System. The intuitive tool automatically assigns employees to a chosen template (for example, a blockbuster premiere weekend) on the basis of their skills, availability and cost. Templates can be easily modified. Employees get automatic notifications. Staff Scheduler can be integrated with any payroll system. Try the application at booth 622. (


Lighting Technologies International introduces three new Philips LongPlay xenon lamp models for Barco digital cinema projection applications, extending the number of available LongPlay models to 14. Philips LongPlay xenon lamps offer up to 50 percent longer warranty hours than standard xenon lamps for dramatically lower cost of ownership. Longer warranty hours result in fewer lamp changes, lower operating costs and higher projector uptime with no compromise in screen brightness. Stop by booth 523 to learn more about LTI’s complete product line. (


LW Speakers will launch its new product line at CineEurope 2017. The Aurea is a formidable three-way screen speaker, featuring high-end quality, a power delivery of 700+400+70 W, and two pre-configurations: for external bi-amplification or as a self-powered unit. The latter uses an integrated European-built amplifier with DSP that includes four factory presets working on two 700+600W channels, helped by a passive filter which divides the medium and high frequencies. Both configurations have a perfectly flat response. Aurea spakers are designed for Dolby Atmos and Barco Auro installations, cinemas VIP lounges, high-end home theatres and dubbing theatres. Learn more at booth 413. (


With frequency range extending from 18 to 120Hz and SPL peaking at 145dB, MAG THOR reproduces cinema track features beyond capabilities of conventional subwoofers, allowing every moviegoer to hear (or better, to feel) subsonic and physically perceived sound features previously unavailable. MAG THOR features state-of-the-art DSP and an innovative M-Drive® amplifier with tremendous power headroom, providing exceptional sound pressure and 5,000W of nominal amplifier power. MAG THOR is based on the M-Force® technology from Powersoft®, a unique transducer based on patented moving magnet linear motor structure. Visit booth 307. (


Multivision Screens’ Multimask motorized projection screen, 7m to 25m wide, features an independent motorized horizontal and vertical moving masking system to crop screens for different aspect ratios, The system is installed in the same housing for multiformat projection. Learn more at booth 825. (


NCR has partnered with global analytics and customer engagement leader Showtime Analytics to offer new products starting with Insights, a cloud-based solution which brings POS data to life through real-time, user-friendly visual analytics. A second Showtime Analytics product, Engage, provides exhibitors with a fully interactive view of their customer base to facilitate discovery, targeting and campaigning business solutions. Visit NCR at booth 513. (


NEC’s NC3541L 4K RB laser projectors take advantage of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies to deliver compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality. The use of a red and blue laser light source goes beyond the color and brightness output of traditional laser phosphor cinema projection systems to provide a brilliant image with high uniformity. Thanks to the high initial brightness level of 35,000 lumens, this projector is a premium solution for large and premium-format cinema screens up to 32m. Visit NEC in suite C. (


PCO's crunchy popcorn combines flavor with appealing retro design. Three new fruity products—Green Apple, Orange and Raspberry—plus Tasty Mocca are available in brilliantly printed bags as well as in reusable IML cups. The partially transparent cups show off the mouth-watering pleasures inside. Try PCO products at booth 223. (


Plusrite lamps use a special projection system to monitor and measure the arc. Their unique lamp design software generates light-ray tracing to ensure optimal output of a projector’s optical light path. Plusrite employs a unique cleaning process to achieve brightness and extend lamp life, aided by the lamp structure and special high-emission coating technology. Learn more about Plusrite lamps at booth 131. (


The Pulz Isowave 9060D4 cinema speaker system exploits the inherent potential of coaxial driver design. The core of the system is a 12-inch, high-performance, low-mid driver and a coaxially mounted one-inch compression driver, both loaded with a sophisticated waveguide. The uniquely designed mid-high wave guide increases sensitivity and improves directivity control over a wider angle both horizontally and vertically. The heavily damped MDF horn and the sophisticated configuration deliver clean high-fidelity sound unlike the colored and honky sound of conventional cinema horns. The system is scalable from 50-seat to 500-seat venues with complementing companion LF systems. Visit Pulz Electronics at booth 131. (


QSC announces four new amplifier models in the DPA series. Based on the popular DPA-Q model, these new amplifers offer eight channels of unprecedented peak power capability and system design flexibility for Q-SYS installation in just two rack spaces. All four models are highly efficient class-D designs with Q-LAN network capability and extremely wide voltage rails. The DPA8.8Q offers up to 1,000 watts per channel peak power; the DPA8.4Q provides up to 500 watts peak power. Two additional models, the DPA8.8Qn and the DPA8.4Qn, without extra mic and line inputs, are also available. Visit booth 629. (


Qube Wire is a revolutionary online digital cinema KDM management and DCP delivery service that allows a distributor to assign rights to a third party, mirroring the precise contractual terms of the movie distribution agreement between them, including finely configured territorial permissions. With a comprehensive database of cinemas worldwide, Qube Wire Cinemas allows chains, single screens, and digital cinema integrators to manage their facility details and publish their trusted-device list data as a freely distributable FLM-x data feed. The universal KDM Inbox for theatres is another exciting feature. Stop by booth 706. (


New in Quinette Gallay’s premium seat series, the Premium St Omer comes with a mechanical sliding system for seat and back, allowing optimum positioning. The fluidity of its curves are accentuated by the gently rounded armrest and elegant piping finish. Its generous sizes and backrest contour define the Premium St Omer. See the new line at booth 512. (


RoboLabs presents RoboSugar Twin Auto 20 with three types of popcorn: caramel, cheese and Chicago mix. You simply put all ingredients into the kettle and the machine does the rest. Thanks to innovative engineering solutions, the conveyer cooling mesh and drum separate and cool even thick-layered caramel. The machine guarantees consistent product quality. See the RoboSugar Twin at booth 617. (


With Sennheiser’s low-latency audio streaming system, CinemaConnect, visual or hearing-impaired movie enthusiasts can enjoy their cultural life without external assistance. CinemaConnect provides wireless transmission of audio description and assisted listening over Wi-Fi. It not only allows customized volume but also offers improved speech intelligibility and sound quality optimized to suit individual hearing needs; closed captions/subtitles; and multilingual audio content through local Wi-Fi to mobile devices. Exhibitors don’t need to provide, hire or maintain external devices. See CinemaConnect at booth 612. (


Engage, Showtime Analytics’ new customer analytics and marketing platform, provides exhibitors with a fully interactive view of their customer base in a single location. it pieces together who your customers are by combining data from loyalty programs, ticket and retail transactions, email newsletters, web booking, mobile apps and social media. Engage allows you to understand your business through the lens of your customer behaviors; know your customers to understand your business. Learn more at booth 728. (


Guangzhou Shuqee 4DM chairs move right, left, front and back, vibrate, and employ special effects for rain, wind, lighting, snow, smoke and more to create an immersive experience, turning the audience from moviegoers into participants. Visit booth 125. (


Jade-Premium from Simko offers moving and fixed mechanisms, a soft and stylish image and perfect comfort. Take a look at their creative solutions at booth 701. (


Sony Digital Cinema’s laser phosphor projector offers an industry-leading 8,000:1 contrast ratio. It is also the only HDR-capable laser-phosphor projector on the market, facilitating presentation of the latest high-dynamic-range content. The product launches in Europe this fall. For more information, stop by meeting room 121. (


SoundParc announces the SP-SR10, a passive, two-way surround loudspeaker with a 10-inch low-frequency driver and a one-inch high-frequency compression driver mounted on a horn with 90 x 60° dispersion. They improved the power and sound quality while making the SP-SR10 more affordable than their SP-SR1 traditional surround speaker. See the SP-SR10 at booth 500. (


FInally, a product that’s easy to customize, tastes great, increases snack-bar revenue and offers added value to customers. Tekefingers, bread dough perfectly filled with salty and sweet flavors, are healthy, versatile and profitable. Tekecheese is the star product: Dip it in their secret sauce! Original flavors include chocolate, milk candy and Oreo, and pizza. Check out their complete line at booth 616. (


Tempo’s House Lighting System (HLS) offers various lighting scenarios in a streamlined recessed or surface-mounted system. The HLS is specifically designed to address the distinctive needs of theatre and auditorium venues. By providing multiple lighting scenarios in one streamlined system, Tempo’s HLS delivers the necessary lighting required for previews, screening, intermission, cleaning and emergencies. The HLS has versatile lighting modules that supply more than 86,000 hours of continuous uniform illumination, while offering the added functionality of a remotely powered system that centralizes control and servicing. The end result: tailored illumination, reduced maintenance and significant energy savings. Visit Tempo at booth 738. (


TF Création develops and sells technical fabrics (flame-retardant, high-abrasion-resistant) for use in furnishing spaces subject to safety constraints. Their new product, Veltomaya, is a circular-knitted, 100 percent polyester fabric perfect for cinema seats, acoustical panels, etc. Visit TF Création at booth 505. (


This year at CineEurope, ticket. international introduces its new online ticketing solution with responsive design. The solution will be available for mobile devices as well as PCs. Ticket sales prices are automatically adjusted in real time; dynamic pricing can now be used in the Dolphin system to increase revenues. For e-tickets, ticket. international provides various options from self-service to sophisticated entrance-control gates. Their partnership with Showtime Analytics provides exhibitors cloud-based information about trends, KPIs and real-time analytics. “No limits” is ticket. international’s motto. Find out more at booth 317. (


Unipolar’s passive 3D polarized modulator can be used for digital 3D cinema and is easily installed and automatically converts to 2D. It supports digital projectors below 32,000 lumens or laser projectors below 50,000 lumens. Visit Unipolar at booth 127. (


Exhibiting for the first time at CineEurope, Veezi, the cinema-management solution engineered by Vista, is delighted to showcase the Veezi kiosk. Moviegoers can purchase tickets, select seats and collect their Internet bookings by reference number or barcode. Exhibitors can update sessions remotely through Veezi back office. The Veezi kiosk contains film poster content, rating information and optional rating warnings. Visit Veezi at booth 107. (


Vista Group introduces movieXchange, a new web platform engineered to strengthen the way distributors share promotional movie materials and simplify how exhibitors get those materials to consumers. The system allows for an unlimited variety of promotional media with region-specific versions ready to be used by exhibitors on POS, kiosks, websites, digital cinema signage, mobile apps and in marketing initiatives. movieXchange provides release dates, synopses, even box-office reporting codes (EIDR, MaccsBox) that download to exhibitor sales channels and stay updated. Visit booth 101 for a demonstration. (


The SmartCrystal™ Diamond Dual is Volfoni’s latest innovation in passive 3D technology. The patented Triple Beam technology and its innovative PiCell structure offers bright images with high contrast and the excellent light efficiency with a LEF of near 60 percent per projector. This product, designed and manufactured in Europe, also allows 2D/3D transition and “boothless” installations. More than 2.500 SmartCrystal Diamonds have already been sold and installed worldwide. See the Diamond Dual at booth 207. (