New projection and audio products

Technology and New Products

FJI looks at the latest innovations from leading audio and projection companies.


The Christie CP4325-RGB featuring RealLaserillumination is your ideal choice for affordable RGB pure laser cinema projection. Designed for the mainstream theatre, the compact, all-in-one CP4325-RGB blows away the competition when it comes to color, contrast, lifetime and cost of ownership.

With the CP4325-RGB, exhibitors can impress audiences with incredibly colorful and detailed, true-to-life images. Make the switch to pure laser and benefit from a long-lasting and affordable platform that will perform well into the future. (


Cinemeccanica announces the brand-new LUX 6A-8K/12K/18K/24K, the smart RGB laser source specifically designed for small and medium-size screens. With these last RGB lasers, the company extends the suite of laser illumination system for Barco, Christie and NEC projectors. (


Cinionic has launched industry-first High Contrast Laser projectors delivering stunning images on smaller screens. Based on the Barco Smart Laserplatform, these models are highly efficient and cost-effective, overcoming typical challenges of creating high-contrast movie images for smaller screens. An excellent value proposition for exhibitors, they feature consistent laser image quality, native 4K resolution, enhanced ANSI and native contrast, proven DLP technology and long lifetime. The Barco DP4K-13BLPHC (11,500 lumens) is ideally suited to small- to mid-size screens and the Barco DP4K-18BLPHC (16,000 lumens) is designed for mid-size screens. (

DepthQ/Lightspeed Design

With superior optics, speed, brightness, sharp focus, low crosstalk, IP protection and six-studio Hollywood approval, DepthQ® 3D passive polarization for digital cinema is a “best in class” investment. The new CineBright Short Throw (CBST) 3D light recycler has been designed to be used in premium-format immersive theatres with throw ratios as low as 1.13:1. It is compatible with standard digital cinema zoom lenses ≥1.13:1 and a “flat” 1.85:1 aspect ratio. (


Save space. Reduce heat. Amplify sound.

The advanced, high-density Dolby Multichannel Amplifier can replace up to 16 stereo amplifiers, using less space and producing less heat, to lower your overall costs. With less equipment to install, power and maintain, you get a simpler and more efficient installation. The Dolby Multichannel Amplifier is available in 16, 24 or 32-channel configurations. The 16-channel configuration includes enhanced power handling for lower impedance loudspeakers. (

Harman Professional Solutions

Harman’s JBL C221 and C222 two-way ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers help small- and mid-sized cinemas upgrade to next-generation JBL technologies for improved coverage and smooth sound reproduction at an accessible price point. (


IMAX’s next-generation 4K laser projection system features a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies that deliver increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast as well as the widest range of colors available to filmmakers to present more distinct, exotic colors than ever before. The new system also features IMAX's 12-channel sound technology that incorporates new side and overhead channels to deliver greater dynamic range and precision for ultimate audio immersion and sound you can feel. (

Kelonik Cinema Sound

Kelonik Cinema Sound (KCS) offers a newly designed set of surround speakers aimed at the immersive sound format for big and intermediate theatres.The new design of the SR-28-N and SR-29-N features a 90° x 50° horn for better coverage and dispersion control of the sound. It features a 12’’ low-frequency speaker with high sensitivity and large power-handling characteristics, providing a high level of bass sound and extended frequency response. (

Lighting Technologies International

Lighting Technologies International (LTI) recently unveiled six new xenon lamp models. They include the XDC-1600B, XDC-2500B and XDC-7000B for Barco digital cinema projectors, the XDC 6500BI2 for IMAX Gen III projectors and the XDC-2100C and XDC-2300C for Christie digital cinema projectors. (

Mag Audio

The MAG DC series (DC 600A, DC 1200A and DC 3000A) is a new, versatile signal distribution and amplification platform for cinemas. It’s a new approach, allowing a simpler cinema system design without the necessity for any additional cinema processor. These amplifiers include a modern DSP, ready speaker presets, remote control and monitoring via dedicated software suite and digital AES/EBU input capability, that can be used for direct connection with the cinema server and integration with TMS. (

NEC Display Solutions

The NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projector is taking advantage of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies, resulting in a powerful projector that delivers compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality. The efficient light-processing system has a low initial cost compared to RGB laser projectors and can deliver huge savings in operational costs. Easy and space-saving installations are supported through a single solution without external chillers, light sources or the need for exhaust ventilation. Thanks to the high initial brightness level of 35,000 lumens, this projector is a premium solution for large and premium-format cinema screens of up to 32m. (


The QSC CMS-5000 is a next-generation cinema media server that features onboard solid-state storage, exceptionally fast high-speed DCP ingest, dual HDMI 2.0 ports for alternate content, and native support for Q-SYS, QSC’s network platform for integrated sound, picture, and control. It is capable of JPEG 2000 DCI content playback at 2k 2D up to 60 frames per second, and 4k 3D up to 30 frames per second. The CMS-5000 also supports DTS:X (64 channels) and Atmos immersive sound formats. As part of the Q-SYS ecosystem, the CMS-5000 in Q-SYS Designer software appears as a component, providing full system interconnection, audio channel routing, status monitoring and control. (

Sony Digital

The Sony SRX-R815P laser projector thrills audiences with bright (15,000 lumens) images, bursting with true 4K detail and rich color on smaller and medium-sized screens. Precision optics and Sony's advanced 4K native Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) panel technology assure unparalleled contrast ratio of 10,000:1 that’s ideal for presenting the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. The reliable, long-life laser light source eliminates regular lamp swaps and reduces maintenance overheads. Also available, the SRX-R815DS dual-4K projection system with 30,000 lumens output is ideal for presentation in 2D or smooth, natural 3D on premium-large-format screens. (


Ushio’s DXL-40BAF/L bulb is even stronger. These new lamps have 100 hours longer warranty time compared to the already existing DXL-40BAF/L lamp. So you can enjoy a future warranty of 1,400 hours. For the user, that means less frequent replacement of the lamps and therefore lower costs for the cinema. (

VCL Sound Experience

VCL Sound Experience presents theLW 4000 Series, featuring controlled directivity, crystal-clear sound and outstanding reinforcement of the panoramic effect and spatiality of the system. Its modularity allows every cinema configuration, making the 4000 Series a great improvement compared to traditional horn systems. (