Philips displays new LongPlay digital cinema xenon lamps at CinemaCon

Digital Cinema

Las Vegas—Philips announced the launch of its LongPlay digital cinema xenon lamp product range at CinemaCon 2016.

The LongPlay range offers up to 50 percent longer warranty hours than standard xenon lamps for dramatically lower cost of ownership. Longer warranty hours result in fewer lamp changes, lower operating costs and higher projector uptime with no compromise in screen brightness. Exhibition quality is maintained at lower cost per hour. LongPlay lamp electrodes run cooler, prolonging electrode life and maintaining light output longer.

In addition, all Philips LongPlay lamps feature an extended operating power range up to 50 percent of full power. This provides exhibitors with more operational flexibility and avoids the additional expense and hassle of changing lamps when switching between 2D and 3D projector configurations.

Philips is exhibiting at CinemaCon in Las Vegas at Booth 2514A.