Pioneers Assistance Fund aids hurricane and fire victims

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Beginning in late August with Hurricane Harvey destroying parts of Texas, followed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria decimating Florida and Puerto Rico in September and historic fires devastating Northern California in October, Mother Nature has been a force to be reckoned with these last few months.

The residual damage in each of these locations has been devastating, some even describing the scenes as “apocalyptic.” The stories coming in are all unique and different, but one common thread ties each one of these stories together. These areas are all home to movie theatres, and members of our industry family who have been affected and need our help.

The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation's Pioneers Assistance Fund (PAF) provides aid during crises in the form of Bernie Myerson Emergency Grants in amounts of $250, $500 and $1,000. These grants cover the cost of an array of expenses including household items such as furniture, large appliances, dishes and cookware, in addition to medical supplies like prescription refills, eyeglass replacement and assistive devices.  

To date, the Pioneers Assistance Fund has issued 105 grants to help individuals affected by the recent disasters. These grants have been able to provide roofing, medical supplies and, most importantly, hope.

The PAF provides supportive counseling and crisis intervention to all clients to bridge the gap while they wait for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other relief programs.

Whether it’s an injury, illness or lifechanging event, industry members are never alone. The Bernie Myerson Emergency Grant continues the industry’s long tradition of caring. Thank you to the members of the film industry community who have rallied around this cause and have done their part to help our partners in exhibition who are going through this difficult time. Visit and join the tradition of taking care of our own for more than 80 years.