Santikos Entertainment and Barco to create the first all-laser powered theater circuit

Digital Cinema

Santikos Entertainment is ramping up deployment of Barco laser projectors in all of its nine locations in South Texas. Phase 1 of the conversion begins next month, with the exhibitor converting 75 screens to Barco’s brand new laser phosphor projectors.

Santikos was one of the first exhibitors to embrace Barco’s Flagship Laser projector at its premium Palladium IMAX Cinema in San Antonio. The exhibitor recently completed the deployment of Barco Flagship Laser projectors for all 16 screens at the new Santikos Casa Blanca Theatre, making it the first all laser projector multiplex.

“We are excited that Barco has grown its laser projection product line, which now allows us to reap the rewards of stunning image quality and low TCO across our entire circuit,” commented Art Seago, president of Santikos Entertainment, noting that the company is on its way to becoming the industry’s first 100 percent Barco laser-projection circuit.

“We highly value our relationship with Santikos Entertainment and are pleased to provide them with the industry’s first 18,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema, offering the full benefits of laser-illuminated projection for any screen size, theater size or budget,” said Stijn Henderickx, vice president cinema for Barco.

The Barco DP2K-20CLP and DP2K-15CLPlaser phosphor projectors, with shipment commencing in Q2 2016, are the first of a broader series of laser phosphor projectors to be launched over the coming year. Barco laser phosphor DP2K-20CLP and DP2K-15CLP projectors deliver three times the brightness of nearest competitor, noted Henderickx, yet can be operated at a much lower cost than lamp-based projectors. With the unique laser phosphor retrofit module, exhibitors who already own a Barco cinema projector can easily and cost-effectively implement laser technology into their projectors.

Barco’s Flagship Laser projectors have been installed by more than 40 exhibitors in over 20 countries.