Screenfast digital cinema delivery service debuts at CineEurope

Digital Cinema

Film distribution services provider Delta Soho Digital, part of The Delta Group,announced the launch of Screenfast, a new digital cinema delivery service. 

The new web application, patent pending, gives film distributors the capability to send content to cinemas using the Internet. The system enables distributors to plan every detail of their delivery, with cinemas able to choose whether to download their content or receive a traditional hard drive. With downloading becoming the preferred route for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) delivery, Screenfast says it offers a more affordable, sustainable and reliable way for cinemas to receive content through downloads. It has already been tested by independent theatres in the U.K., and trials with major U.K. chains will commence soon.

Cinemas require a computer and a 10Mbps (or above) Internet connection to download the DCP. Each download is tracked by Screenfast to ensure cinemas receive the content requested, without any errors. As part of the service, Screenfast will help offset the cost to cinemas for use of their broadband, making contributions to the cinema or chain for each successful download. Downloads can be completed overnight on an average broadband line and between one and two hours at sites where super-fast broadband is available. Any site that is unable to download the content or that chooses not to will be sent a hard drive via The Delta Group’s fulfillment division, MPD.

David Margolis, director of Delta Soho Digital, stated, “Screenfast has the capability to revolutionize the film sector forever, offering an affordable, efficient and highly secure way for cinemas to download film content at their sites. It enables cinemas to decide how they want to receive their content according to what is best for them. In providing a gentle reminder that downloading is an option, we are finding more cinemas are considering this method as their broadband becomes faster and their technical departments feel ready. Trials to date have driven positive results, with approximately 50% of independent cinemas in the U.K. now using the service. We look forward to rolling this out further, including to international markets over the coming months.”

Screenfast is exhibiting at CineEurope in Barcelona throught June 25. For further information, visit