Screenvision Media announces record revenue year

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Leading cinema-advertising firm Screenvision Media announced a record year of business, with robust year-over-year organic revenue growth in 2017, including 8% revenue-per-patron growth. 

Thirty-two exhibitors signed contracts over the last year, totaling 1,759 screens, and bringing the company’s total screen count to over 14,800, its highest since 2011. This includes B&B Theatres and Regency Theatres, increasing valuable ad inventory in top DMAs including Los Angeles, Dallas and Kansas City.

The new long-term agreement with B&B Theatres includes a total of 39 theatres with 263 screens in the Screenvision Media network, plus a further nine theatres with 120 screens in 2021. The agreement also includes additional preshow inventory.

“Our partnership with Screenvision Media was an obvious choice as we continue to be impressed by the value and expertise they bring to the table,” said Bob Bagby, president and CEO of B&B Theatres. “We’re especially excited about our future together thanks to Screenvision Media’s exceptional offerings, such as their exhibitor advisory panel, event cinema happenings, Front + Center preshow and lobby capabilities.”

Regency Theatres has a total of 24 theatres with 193 screens in the Screenvision Media network, 153 of which are in the Los Angeles DMA. The recently signed long-term agreement provides Screenvision Media with added inventory. “Our mission as a company is to enhance the moviegoers’ experience,” said Andrew Golin, VP of Regency Theatres. “Working with Screenvision Media fosters this mission whilst keeping us ahead of the curve, and at the forefront of in-cinema technological innovation.”

“As a company we’re always striving for growth and we couldn’t be any prouder of what we’ve achieved,” said John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision Media. “The resiliency of cinema attendance was demonstrated again in 2017, and our spectacular growth is driven by our ability to continue to increase the adoption of cinema advertising, to replace the declining and missing audience on other platforms. 2018 is looking to be very promising at the box office, and we are already pacing ahead of this past year’s record year. We look to build on this growth with more innovative ways for advertisers to reach and engage with our most valuable audience.”

“We’ve had an incredible year of growth with our exhibitor network, as there is great response to our expanded level of exhibitor offerings, and our increased revenues,” said Darryl Schaffer, Screenvision Media’s executive VP, operations and exhibitor relations. “We aim to be the best exhibitor partner and deliver a premiumoffering to our network, and our eight-percent revenue-per-patron growth truly speaks to our commitment and the value we provide. We’re thrilled about these latest signings with two key exhibitor partners.”