ShowEast names UCI's Carlos Marin 'International Exhibitor of the Year'

Cinemas News

Carlos Marin, managing director of United Cinemas International, will receive this year’s “International Exhibitor of the Year Award” during ShowEast’s International Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at the Loews Miami Beach in Florida.

“ShowEast is thrilled to be able to honor Carlos Marin for his remarkable work as an industry leader,” said Andrew Sunshine, VP of the Film Expo Group, which manages ShowEast. “Under his leadership and direction, UCI has become one of the most innovative and profitable circuits in Brazil. We congratulate Marin on this well-deserved honor.”

Marin was born in Barcelona, Spain and graduated with a degreein Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona and also holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He moved to Brazil in 1996 and became the director of finance at United Cinemas International. In 1998, he helped lead the opening of UCI’s first multiplex and since then it has become the largest multiplex cinema in Brazil.

In 2003, Marin was promoted to managing director; two years later, National Amusements took over UCI’s shares in Brazil. Since its arrival in Brazil, UCI has opened 23 multiplexes with 194 screens in 12 cities across the country: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza, Curitiba, São Luís, Campo Grande, Manaus, Ribeirão Preto, Salvador, Juiz de Fora e Belém. UCI has four of the seven best-attended cinemas in Brazil.

In 2001, UCI was responsible for the first digital screens in Brazil and in 2010 it partnered with Sony to bring 4K technology in Brazil exclusively to UCI Cinemas. In 2011, UCI Brazil opened the first IMAX screen in Rio de Janeiro and incorporated a new concept, VIP Deluxe theatres, with special guest services, private lounges, luxury seats and a special menu. Currently, UCI is the largest IMAX operator in Brazil and under Marin’s leadership UCI opened their first 4DX theatre last June.