Sinemia debuts movie-ticket subscription service in U.S.

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Sinemia launched the United States’ first movie-ticket subscription service to offer its members access to any movie, in any format, at any theatre, at any showtime. Already a presence in the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey and Australia, Sinemia is now introducing its flexible monthly movie-ticket plan memberships to the USA.

Prior to its U.S. launch, Sinemia counted three million global unique monthly visitors to its social web and app platforms with more than 20 million visits. Since launching in the U.S., Sinemia is lifting the “velvet rope” on its formerly exclusive moviegoing app, now allowing all movie lovers free access to its social features, whether they are members or not.

Sinemia members receive as many as three monthly movie tickets for less than the cost of one. Unlike other movie-ticket subscription or even discount models, the tickets will not be met with a bevy of restrictions. Sinemia members have the ability to select virtually any movie format (from 3D to IMAX) at any cinema and at any time. In addition, Sinemia members benefit from advance ticket options and seat reservations. The service is also the first to offer couples’ subscriptions with “Sinemia for Two.”

“As a tech startup with passion for movies, our goal is to create a more elevated moviegoing experience via offline and online integration,” says Rifat Oguz, founder of Sinemia. “We offer prime memberships, including movie tickets and discounts to restaurants and cafés, that increase moviegoing frequency in a sustainable way. Already, we are successfully operating in five countries around the world and plan to open in four additional markets in the near future. Leveraging unique technologies, we have put forth the most innovative, high-value and least restrictive movie-ticket subscription service to date. While we do not offer ‘more’ tickets per month, Sinemia does offers higher-quality tickets and a superior customer experience. We are happy to serve a proven movie-ticket subscription model that creates a bigger value for customers and financially sustainable business for all partners in the moviegoing ecosystem.”

The free Sinemia app delivers such perks as Uber integration, preference and AI-based film recommendations, in-app social sharing, commenting, polling and photo opps, access to exclusive discounts and events and more. Individuals can even pre-order their popcorn.

Once subscribed, members are sent a personal Sinemia Premium Card, which functions like a standard bank card. Memberships start at $9.99 per month, with various gifting options available.

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