Smaller Estonian cinemas begin to install 4K

Digital Cinema

4K and 3D technologies have spread to smaller cinemas in the country of Estonia.

Last year, Sony partner Miterassa installed several 4K projectors from Sony in a selection of smaller independent cinemas, and they expect to continue at the same pace in 2015. Miterassa has installed the SRX-R510and SRX-R515, both high-end 4K digital-cinema projection systems designed for use in small and medium-sized screens.

“The models within the 500 series are affordable options for many of our independent cinemas here in Estonia, requiring minimal maintenance, helping to reduce overall running costs,” stated Raivo Kraus of Miterassa.

“Everybody deserves the best picture technology when enjoying a good movie, and Sony’s digital-cinema solutions offer the best possible viewing experience,” Kraus declared. “We very much see this as a social project as well–enabling people in rural areas to have the very best cinema experience, regardless of where they live. They too can now enjoy content with crystal-clear picture quality.”

The Tallinn University, Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) was the first cinema to install Sony 4K Digital Cinema solutions with an SRX-R515and a modern audio system.